Meccano Modellers Association Sydney, 37th Exhibition

Yesterday I visited the 37th Meccano Exhibition in Sydney. It is organized by the Meccano Modellers Association, here in Sydney. What an impressive group of people, making fantastic working models of bridges, cranes, vehicles, and other things using Meccano stock-standard parts. Often, they will also make their own parts (as Murrey Tulett explained). I’m sharing some […]

What are some of the teaching materials that are available in the Bootcamp for teachers?

We have designed our Arduino Bootcamp for Teachers to support two main objectives: Fast paced, outcome driven learning aligned with our Learn-Test-Do method. Ensure that the graduate teachers can take what they learned and use it in their classroom immediately. During the bootcamp, participants gain access to instructional materials (video lectures and PDF notes). These […]

What is a Bootcamp and how is it different to a self-paced course?

Bootcamps originated in the military and fitness contexts. Such bootcamps provide training with specific outcomes. They can be about learning how to overcome an obstacle course, navigate through terrain without a map and GPS or losing weight etc. Regardless of the objectives, bootcamps emphasise intensity, focus and, above all, commitment to complete the program to […]