What is a Bootcamp and how is it different to a self-paced course?

Bootcamps originated in the military and fitness contexts. Such bootcamps provide training with specific outcomes. They can be about learning how to overcome an obstacle course, navigate through terrain without a map and GPS or losing weight etc. Regardless of the objectives, bootcamps emphasise intensity, focus and, above all, commitment to complete the program to […]

A STEM teacher’s technical competence is important – but not only for the reasons you may think

Continuous professional development is always in a teacher’s to-do list. New evidence-based pedagogical methods, new tools, new curriculum requirements, policies for helping students with special needs, and so much more, all need dedicated learning time put aside to achieve a higher level of professionalism and capability. Of course, this learning is necessary. Teachers must continually […]

What is STEM education? Why should teachers be interested in it?

In a simplified model of how the world works, we have technological advancement that feeds social, economic and political change, which in turn feeds back into more technological advancement. Myriads of parameters influence this process. Demographics, energy, food and water, raw materials, climate change, are just some of the most prominent influencers. Change is accelerating […]