Are you a graduate of the Arduino Bootcamp for Teachers and Trainers?

If yes, then this extension project is for you.

The Arduino Bootcamp is designed to give you a specific set of skills and knowledge, based on a fixed curriculum. As a graduate, you can use these skills to teach Arduino in your class, or to integrate it as a teaching tool in your existing STEM curriculum.

The Extension Project is an opportunity to tackle a custom project.

This project can be anything you can imagine.

  • An extension of the Bootcamp curriculum to include custom lessons.
  • The development of custom experiments, based on the Arduino, that you can use in your class.
  • The development of equipment that you can use in non-programming or electronics STEM activities (such as physics or chemistry experiments).
  • The development of activities to assist teaching of non-STEM subjects, such as history and geography.

The possibilities are limitless.

How does it work?

You can choose to enrol to the Bootcamp Extension Project (BEP) before you start the core Arduino Bootcamp for Teachers and Trainers, or after.

Because the BEP is a program that is designed for your specific requirements, you must have a specific goal in mind: what do you want to have achieved when you complete this custom project?

The goal can broadly belong to one of these categories:

  1. The development of an Arduino gadget that performs at least one educational and functional goal.
  2. The development of a curriculum that extents the Arduino Bootcamp curriculum.
  3. The development a series of small experiments that are based on the Arduino and facilitate the teaching of STEM subjects. This may include our experiments from the Arduino Project course.
  4. The development of a large project that will be delivered to your students over a term.

Your Tech Explorations mentor will help you conquer your goal through live video calls, and daily interactions via our project management tool. You will have a Bootcamp experience, but totally customised to helping you achieve your specific goal.

Extension project cost

The base fee for the BEP is $499. This fee covers the cost of the initial consultation, in which your mentor will help you design the project, and three additional consultation meetings. Each meeting is approximately one hour long.

Depending on the complexity and scope of your project, this fee may be increased to cover for additional costs. For example, if you want to develop a classroom datalogger for recording results from your physics experiments, the base fee can cover the development of a basic datalogger that stores data from one or two sensors on an SD card, and includes an LCD screen for monitoring. But, if you wish to add Bluetooth wireless connectivity or battery power, this will extend the scope of the project and require an additional fee. When a base fee is increased to cover extended scope projects, the new fee includes additional consultation sessions with your mentor.

Three steps to launch

Sounds good? Here’s what to do next:

Once you have a goal for your extension project, discuss it with Peter in a free, 30 minute call.

In this meeting, we will ensure that your goal is compatible with what this extension project offer can deliver.

Before you enrol to BEP, you should spent some time to decide on your goal.

  1. Decide on your project scope. Write it down. Most important, be clear about the educational objectives (how will students use the project outcome to learn something), and the functional objectives (how will the project outcome work).
  2. Setup a consultation meeting with Peter. You can do this now. In this meeting we’ll discuss your project, its scope, and determine its feasibility.
  3. Assuming the meeting concludes with a “Good to Go” agreement, come back to this page and formally enrol.
  4. Let your mentor know about your preferred started and end date.
  5. Your mentor will setup your project in our project management tool.
  6. Create!

Need to know more about the Bootcamp Extension Project? Just ask! Click on the Discussion tab at the top of this page to leave your question, or raise a support ticket.

The content of this course depends on your specific project objective.

In general, an extension project will go through these broad steps:

  1. Project scope and preparation
  2. Meeting 1
  3. Prototype 1 development and testing
  4. Meeting 2
  5. Prototype 2 development and testing
  6. Meeting 3
  7. Prototype 3 development and testing
  8. Meeting 4
  9. Prototype 4 development and testing
  10. Graduation meeting.

In each meeting, we will evaluate your project progress and plan for the next iteration.

If your project contains an objective that requires a variation of the default process, we can plan for these variations.

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If your project requires an additional charge, this will be applied separately. By paying the base fee, you can secure your enrolment.
Base fee: US$499