Getting Started with the ESP8266 is a step-by-step course designed to help you create projects using the amazing ESP8266 WiFi microcontroller board even if you are an absolute beginner in electronics, programming, or both.

Getting Started with the ESP8266 is a 6 modules step-by-step video course in which you will learn everything you need to know about the ESP8266, starting from the absolute basics.

I really used all the experience I acquired during all the years I worked with the ESP8266, in order to create those step-by-step tutorials that will teach anyone how to create projects with this amazing WiFi chip.

If you already have experience working with the Arduino, then you will be able to bring it over to the ESP8266. You will use the same IDE that you are familiar with from your work with the Arduino. And the programming is also almost identical.

You can think of the ESP8266 as a turbo-charged Arduino Uno, with integrated Wifi. But while a genuine Arduino Uno can cost $30, you can get an ESP8266 board for just $5!

If you are serious about creating your own connected projects, this is the course for you.

Introduction to the course
The ESP8266 Wifi chip
How to choose your ESP8266 board
Required Hardware and Software
Downloadable materials

Getting started with the ESP8266
Installing the Arduino IDE
Discover your ESP8266 board
Basics of an Arduino sketch for the ESP8266
Uploading your first sketch
Example: fading an LED

Reading and writing
Reading data from a digital pin
Connect a button to the ESP8266
Reading data from an analog pin
Reading data from a digital sensor
Example: a weather measurement station

Control an LED with a button
Control an LED with a potentiometer
Control an RGB LED
Example: a simple alarm system

Networking with Wifi
Connect the ESP8266 to your Wifi network
Reading data from the ESP8266 via the Wifi network
Controlling an LED remotely
Controlling the intensity of an LED remotely
Example: control a lamp remotely

ESP8266 on the Cloud
Options for Cloud connectivity
How to log sensor data to the Cloud
How to access data remotely
Controlling an LED from anywhere
Example: Cloud data logger

ESP8266: Getting Started

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