In this project, you will learn to use your Raspberry Pi to facilitate an understanding of Blockchain technology.

You will learn what a cryptocurrency is, and how to get involved in the cryptocurrency world using open-source software and your Raspberry Pi.

You will learn how to mine:

– Bitcoin,
– Litecoin,
– Monero,
– Bytecoin,
– MagiCoin,
– and TurtleCoin.

Learning with practical examples is fun, and it is easier to understand concepts and new technologies.

Get ready!

About the project
1.1 Introduction START
1.2 Objectives of the project
1.3.1 Hardware
1.3.2 Software
1.4 What you should know

Basic cryptocurrency concepts
2.1 Objectives of this section
2.2. About cryptocurrencies
2.2. Can you mine cryptocurrencies using the Raspberry Pi?
2.3. Cryptocurrency mining rewards
2.4. Creating a crypto wallet
2.5. Finding a mining pool

Software setup
3.1 Objectives of this section
3.2. Installing required libraries
3.3. Setting up the miners
3.3.1 Setting up the CPUMiner-multi
3.3.2 Setting up the m-CPUMiner
3.3.3 Setting up the XMRIG miner

4.1 Objectives of this section
4.2. The hardest currencies to mine: Bitcoin and Litecoin
4.2.1 How to mine Bitcoin
4.2.2 How to mine Litecoin
4.3. A CPU-friendly algorithm
4.3.1 How to mine Monero
4.3.2 How to mine ByteCoin
4.4. More CPU-friendly algorithms
4.4.1 How to mine MagiCoin
4.4.2 How to mine TurtleCoin

Project ideas
5.1. Excellent projects for further experimentation and learning
5.1.1. Setting up a full node
5.1.2. Renting your spare hard disk
5.1.3. Minting
5.1.4. Creating smart contracts

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