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Our Arduino courses are perfect for people just getting started, or for those with more experience.

These courses can have you master the basics and introduce you to a world of creativity and problem solving based on (perhaps the best) electronics prototyping platform, the Arduino.

Arduino Step by Step Getting Started

The original comprehensive course designed for new Arduino Makers.

Arduino Step by Step Getting Serious

Create Arduino gadgets that can communicate, move, interact, measure and detect.

Arduino IoT Cloud for Busy People

Create secure and scalable IoT application by leveraging your existing knowledge of Arduino programming and simple electronics.

Arduino Mobile Development with Blynk

Use the Blynk platform to create mobile apps that work with the Arduino Nano 33 IoT & the ESP32 or any other supported device.

Arduino for Beginners with Grove

Learn Arduino with the innovative Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino. No wires, no frustration.

Grove For Busy People

Grove for Arduino is a system of cables and components that always match.

Advanced Arduino Boards and Tools

A tour of advanced Arduino boards, and the tools that will supercharge your projects.


Do you feel restricted by the limitations of the Arduino Uno? 

Are you looking for a powerful, modern micro-controller, ready for the Internet of Things, without breaking your budget?

Check out the ESP32 and ESP8266.

ESP32 for Busy People

Use this powerful microcontroller to turbo-charge your Arduino projects.

ESP32 Unleashed

If you are already familiar with the ESP32, then this project course will take your skills to the next level.


Learn how to design and build an automated control system using Node-RED and the ESP32.

ESP8266: Getting Started

This is a step-by-step course that will help you create projects using the ESP8266 WiFi MCU .

Computer Aided Design

With our computer aided design courses you can learn how to design printed circuit boards and objects on a 3D printer.

We teach you how to use powerful, and free, software tools, that are compatible with Windows and Mac computers. 

KiCad Like a Pro

Learn the world's favorite open-source PCB design tool with the world's most comprehensive course.

Design for 3D Printing with Fusion 360

Learn the fundamentals of Fusion 360 while designing practical parts that can be 3D printed.

Raspberry Pi

Our Raspberry Pi courses are project-based.

We designed them to help you learn how to build complete systems around the Raspberry Pi.

With a balanced combination of hardware, software, prototyping and design instruction, you will graduate with solid Raspberry Pi skills.

Raspberry Pi Full Stack & Raspberry Pi Full Stack Upgrade project

Two courses.

A whirlwind tour of full-stack web application development on the Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi: Make a Workbench Automation Computer

Make a touch-screen driven application and control appliances and devices using a Raspberry Pi.

Mine crypto-currencies with your Raspberry Pi

Use your Raspberry Pi to mine Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, ByteCoin, MagiCoin, and TurtleCoin.

Electronics and tools

To make anything, you need imagination, basic knowledge, raw materials, and tools.

We can help you with all three.

Basic electronics for Arduino Makers

An introduction to electronics to help you make the most from your Arduino or other prototyping platform.

The Electronics Workbench: a Setup Guide

Setting up your electronics lab at home can be a daunting. This course will help you navigate through the maze of options.

Oscilloscopes for Busy People

Learn how to use the oscilloscope and take your understanding of electronics to the next level.


Feel like getting your hands dirty?

There is no substitute to learning by doing.

With our project courses, not only you will learn new knowledge, but you will also have ample opportunity to improve your building techniques, learn how to use your tools.

And when a bug shows it's ugly face, you'll have the opportunity to troubleshoot it and fix it, yet another learning opportunity.

Arduino Mastery Projects

Fine-tune your Arduino knowledge and skills by building 10 gadgets of increasing difficulty.

Make an Arduino Wheeled Robot

Make an autonomous wheeled robot that is attracted to light and can avoid obstacles.

Make an Arduino remote controlled car

Learn how you can take an off-the-shelf RC car and convert it into an Arduino-powered super-fun lab on wheels.

Make an Open Source Drone

A fun project in which you learn about drones by making one. Use the Pixhawk or Multiwii AIO flight controllers.

Make an Open Source Drone: More Fun

Go past the basics and explore some of the most exciting features and capabilities of your drone.

Arduino Robotics with the mBot

An introduction to robotics with the world's friendliest learning robot.

Arduino: Make an IoT environment monitor

A perfect start for the new maker: learn by creating a gadget that posts your environment data to a Web logging service.

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