Kieran Nolan  – Education 3.0 & Open Source learning space design

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What is this session about?

Migration from Education 1.0 to Education 3.0 and beyond open source learning space design

Who should be interested and why?

Learners and educators

What technology, tool or technique will you focus on?

Blockchain, P2P technologies and IPFS

Designing physical-open-spaces that are student-centric with these technologies.

About the speaker

As the education technologist at Wooranna Park Primary School, Kieran Nolan has helped establish the school as a world leader in education technology and future thinking. Students have developed everything from virtual reality games and custom-built computers to fully functioning Cisco networks. They have:

  • built their own 3D printed computer lab using Raspberry Pi,
  • created their own cryptocurrency,
  • voted on hardware and software for the school’s open-source STEAM center,
  • built their own full nodes for various blockchains,

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