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In the meanwhile, while you are waiting, I have a short story...

This is my story, but also the story of thousands of other Makers I have been fortunate to help since 2013.

Really, this is a story about people who aspire to become Makers.

People just like you.

People who want to enjoy every minute they spent programming, soldering, tinkering, and learning.

The story begins in 2013.

That is when I published my first Arduino video course on the Web.

Although I had an engineering degree, I had spent 15 years in Academia, teaching information systems. I might as well had taught English literature or history.

By that time, I could not remember how to solder a resistor on a PCB. I would not remember Ohm's Law, or how a transistor worked. I could not even remember what the difference was between a microcontroller and a microprocessor.

But, my passion for technology, and in particular for electronics, was still there. All I had to do, was to re-learn.

And that's what I did.

The Arduino is the tool that helped me get back into electronics, just like it is for so many other people. And because I was starting from the beginning, I experienced all the feelings that are familiar to other beginners.

I was overwhelmed.

I was confused.

I was lost in Youtube videos and Google search results.

But, I was a teacher, and my mission was to create a clear path of learning for my students.

And... that's what I did.

My first course was Arduino Step by Step Your Complete Guide. Over 50,000 students took this course, until I replaced it with Arduino Step by Step Getting Started and Arduino Step by Step Getting Serious.

Since that first course, "I" became "we", and we have helped many thousands of people to learn Arduino, Raspberry Pi, KiCad, and electronics.

Over 100,000.

From 182 countries.

That is a lot.

What we never forget is what it feels like to be starting out a new learning adventure. Overwhelming. Confusing. Lost.

We never forget that it is our job to create a clear path of learning for our students.

Most of these 100,000 people had zero skills in any of the things we teach when they started. 

Now... they are awesome in making things they could only have imagined. 

Something Lex (one of our students) made

Many others of those 100,000 people wanted to get better. They felt that they needed help, and they found it at Tech Explorations.

Others, where teachers, that wanted to skill-up so they could teach their own students. 

From my years in Academia, the most important lesson I took was that everyone is different. This also reflects to how we learn, and most important, why.‚Äč

But despite our individuality, learning, essentially comes down to a few basics:

1. A system, to provide guidance.

2. A curriculum, to provide content.

3. Help, to provide safety.

Since 2013, we have been working hard to build all three. 

We have a system that combines a clear learning path with online tools and a practical learning methodology. 

We have extensive quality curricula.

And we have our community and instructors ready to help.

This is what Tech Explorations is about. 

That's why I have a special offer for you. 

You can experience this system by enrolling to one of our most popular courses, "Basic Electronics for Arduino Makers" right now.

This course is perfect for learners that have no knowledge of electronics, and it will help you understand the basics of electricity and circuits.

We do this in a practical, easy going manner, using videos, examples, and simple problems to help reinforce what you learned. With this knowledge, getting into the Arduino will be much more enjoyable.

Do you want to learn more about this course,  

and why it's great way to fast-track your Arduino Education?

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