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This page contains special offers and bonuses from the people and companies that have supported the Maker Mind Meld Summit. 

Please show your support to them by taking advantage of these offers!

Bonus from ​Simon Gao and ​PCBWay

​$20 ​store credit (100 available)

​PCBWay offers ​a $20 store credit to the first 100 people that submit coupon code makersummit at checkout. 

Just go to pcbway.com and create an account, then navigate to https://member.pcbway.com/Member/coupons and apply the coupon in the coupon field.

Click on the Apply button, and the $20 will be available for you to use in your next order.

$​20 value, you pay $0

Bonus from John Teel

15 Steps to Develop Your New Electronic Hardware Product 

An easy to print PDF document with the 15 steps to develop your new electronic hardware product.

Bonus from Dal Gemmell and Helium

Helium IoT Asset Tracking Report

This report includes primary research to better understand companies and their IoT Asset tracking needs. We gathered data from over 100 respondents mid-June to the end of July 2019 to gain insights from companies looking to solve problems related to IoT asset tracking. Not only is detailed data is provided, but key takeaways are also included.

Bonuses from Richard Kolk and Altair Engineering, Inc. 

Altair Compose

Compose is an environment for doing calculations; manipulating and visualizing data (including from CAE simulations or test results); programming and debugging scripts useful for repeated computations; and for process automation.

Using OpenMatrix Language syntax which is compatible with MATLAB/Octave syntax, Compose allows users to perform a wide variety of calculations by leveraging linear algebra and numerical methods (including matrix math analysis and differential equations); perform signal processing and filtering; fit polynomials through data; approximate or check results from commercial simulation software; design controllers; perform optimization; and more.

Altair Activate

Activate is an open & flexible tool for rapidly modeling and simulating products as multi-disciplinary systems in the form of 1D models (expressed as signal-based or physical block diagrams), optionally coupled to 3D models.

Leverage a flexible spectrum of simulations throughout your development cycle ‐ ranging from early concept design (with models involving more abstraction and typically shorter simulations) to later detailed design (with less model abstraction & longer simulations).

Altair Embed

Embed is a proven tool for developing embedded systems, by automatically generating code from block diagram models and transferring it to popular controller hardware.

Once you have a working simulation based on a system diagram, Embed can automatically generate the associated code for your hardware controller. You can also readily test your design using Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL).

Special Offer from Simon Monk & No Starch Press

Micro:bit for Mad Scientists discount

Attendees can use coupon code MADMICRO30 to receive 30% off Micro:bit for Mad Scientists. The coupon is valid through January 31st, 2020.

The 30 simple projects and experiments in this book will show you how to use the micro:bit to build a secret science lab—complete with robots, door alarms, lie detectors, and more—as you learn basic coding and electronics skills.

Here are just some of the projects you’ll build:

  • A light-controlled guitar you can play just by waving your hand
  • A working lie detector
  • A self-watering plant care system
  • A two-wheeled robot
  • A talking robotic head with moving eyes
  • A door alarm made with magnets

Learn to code like a Mad Scientist!

Special Offer from Norman Pirollo

30% off WoodSkills online courses, online books

You can learn about Kumiko, Woodworking, Furniture Design, Hand Tools, etc. with the supplied WoodSkills Coupon Code.

The Coupon will provide a 30% discount to any of my Online Courses and Online Books purchased through Woodskills.

Special Offer from Dr Karsten Schulz

10% off B4 purchases

Purchase a B4 Computer processor kit and enter the following discount code to receive 10% off the price of the B4 kit.


The B4 is a modular computer processor made to help students explore the fundamental operation of computers. It has been designed from the ground up to support students who are studying the new Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies.

The B4 consists of 11 computing modules that represent core functions of a computer, such as a program counter, adder, inverter, memory, latch, etc. With these, students perform experiments in which they learn about binary numbers, binary addition, memory, etc. These experiments lead to increasingly sophisticated hardware and software arrangements that result in a simple yet functional computer. The B4 operates at human speed, allowing students to easily follow with their own eyes how data flows between each of the modules.

Full value of this product: $369

Get it for $332.10

Special Offer from Benoît Blanchon

40% discount on Mastering ArduinoJson 6 ebook

Purchase this ebook at a 40% discount with coupon MMM19.

This book is for you if…

  • You need a comprehensive guide to get started with ArduinoJson
  • You want to make the process of learning ArduinoJson become faster and easier.
  • You’re a new developer who wants to learn ArduinoJson, and you want to start using ArduinoJson on your projects ASAP.
  • You wish there’s a well-written guide to master this library because learning from online sources makes you feel overwhelmed, with too many information separated anywhere.
  • You need a quick refresher in C++. (Yes it also includes a quick C++ course.)
  • You love the library and you want to support the development.

If the answer to one, two, or all of these questions is YES, then keep reading to learn more about it… This book is made for you!

Special Offers from ​Elektor

1 year Free Elektor Green magazine subscription

​Interested in designing, sharing, and sell electronics?

Join Elektor's global community of engineers and makers who are passionate about electronics engineering and DIY projects.

Insert the code makers19 ​to the coupon code field at checkout for a FREE Elektor GREEN Membership*.

Green Membership Benefits:  

✓ 6 Digital Editions of Elektor Magazine (PDF): Each issue is packed with DIY electronics projects, in-depth tutorials, engaging interviews and thorough product reviews.  
✓ Online Elektor Labs Account: Post projects, communicate with designers, and collaborate with Elektor’s in-house engineering team.  
✓ Unrestricted access to the Elektor Archive (1980-present). Thousands of articles and projects are just a few clicks away.
✓ A 10% Member Discount on most products (e.g., electronic components, kits, books, and tools) at Elektor.com.
✓ And more!

*This special offer is available to new Elektor members only. Offer expires Tuesday, December 31, 2019 (12 pm CET).

Full value of this product: ​€69.95

Get it for $​0

A special Gift for you - Elektor Gold Membership

​Interested in designing, sharing, and selling electronics?

Join Elektor's global community of engineers and makers who are passionate about electronics engineering and DIY projects.

Insert the code 2019makers ​to the coupon code field at ​checkout for a FREE Elektor GOLD Membership*.

GOLD Membership Benefits:  

✓ 6 Editions of ElektorLabs Magazine (116 pages each) in print and digital format (PDF)
✓ Free access to all digital editions of Elektor Industry Magazine (100 pages each)
✓ Unrestricted access to the Elektor Archive (1980-present). Thousands of articles and projects are just a few clicks away.
✓ A 10% Member Discount on most products (e.g., electronic components, kits, books, and tools) at Elektor.com.
✓ And more!

*This special offer is available to new Elektor members only. Offer expires Tuesday, December 31, 2019 (12 pm CET).

Full value of this product: ​€69.95

Get it for $​0

10% discount for Embedded in Embedded

​Use code makers19 ​​to receive a 10% discount for Embedded in Embedded by  Jason Long.

​ARM Cortex-M Embedded Design from 0 to 1

This book is a case study in embedded design including discussion of the hardware, processor initialization, low‑level driver development, and application interface design for a product. Though we describe this through a specific application of a Cortex-M3 development board, our mission is to help the reader build foundational skills critical to being an excellent product developer. The completed development board is available to maximize the impact of this book, and the working platform that you create can then be used as a base for further development and learning.

Coupon valid to Dec 31, 2019.

Full value of this product: ​€​4​9.9​5 (non-members)

Get it for ​€​4​​4.​46

10% discount for Embedded in Embedded Programming Course

​Use code makers19 ​​to receive a 10% discount for Embedded in Embedded by  Jason Long.

​​This bundle comprises a courseware book, a supplementary development board, and software.

The Embedded Systems Design course covers hardware, processor initialization, driver development, and the design of simple applications for a product. The examples in the course are described with recourse to the Cortex-M3 microcontroller. However, the wider aim of the course is to grow the fundamental skills to become a first class developer of embedded systems.

- Embedded in Embedded (normal price: €49.95)
- Cortex-M3 / nRF51422 Razor Board 1 (normal price: €84.95)
- Software Suite Download

Coupon valid to Dec 31, 2019.

Full value of this product: ​€​​​109.95 (non-members)

Get it for ​€​​98.96

10% discount for ​KiCAD Like a Pro 2e, print

​Use code makers19 ​​to receive a 10% discount for ​KiCad Like a Pro, by  ​Dr Peter Dalmaris.

​​​This book will teach you to use KiCad. Whether you are a hobbyist or an electronics engineer, this book will help you become productive quickly, and start designing your own boards. This book takes a practical approach to learning. It consists of four projects of incremental difficulty and recipes.

The projects will teach you basic and advanced features of KiCad (version 5.0). If you have absolutely no prior knowledge of PCB design, you will find that the introductory project will teach you the very basics. You can then continue with the rest of the projects. You will design a board for a breadboard power supply, a tiny Raspberry Pi HAT, and an Arduino clone with extended memory and clock integrated circuits.

Coupon valid to Dec 31, 2019.

Full value of this product: ​€​​​39.95 (non-members)

Get it for ​€​​35.9​5

Special Offer from ​Darkly Labs and Geoffrey Benton

​10% discount on ​Emblaser Core Laser ​Cutter

​Darkly Labs, maker of the Emblaser Core Laser cutter, has offered a 10% discount on any purchase of a Emblaser Core laser cutter if ​you use the words, “Doonie said I would get a 10% discount if I bought an Embaser Core.”, or by sending them an email.

​The Emblaser Core is designed for the hobbyist who is looking for an affordable  laser cutter / engraver that is simple to assemble and maintain.  It utilises the same core technology as the Emblaser 2, the electronics, optics and laser system, providing amazing performance for a solid-state based laser machine.

All parts of the machine are easily accessible, making maintenance a simple process. From lens cleaning to completely replacing the laser diode takes only minutes. Perfect for the hobbyist who wants to spend more time using their machine to make things, than tinkering with it.

Full ​price of this product​ starts at ​AUD​1,421.00

Use any available contact method to claim ​Doonie's discount.

​Bonus from ​Vladimir Mariano

​A free Fusion 360 Quickstart Guide (PDF)

​Vladimir has put together a quick-start guide for Fusion 360.

No coupon needed, just click on the red button, ​jump over to Desktop Makes and downlaod the 6-page PDF.

​Registration is required

Special Offer from ​SeeedStudio

​$10 ​store credit for Grove products over $50

​Grove is a modulated, ready-to-use tool set. It takes a building block approach to assemble electronics. Grove makes it easier to connect, experiment, and simplify the prototyping process.

No jumpers or soldering required. Seeed has developed more than 300 Grove modules, covering a wide range of applications that can fulfill a variety of needs.

Not only are these open hardware, but Seeed also provides open source software.

​To claim your $10 store credit, use coupon code GROVE10.

​Special offer from Tech Explorations

​Get 25% discount on all our self-paced courses and ebooks

​At Tech Explorations, we have a range of video courses and ebook​s with small and large projects on topics such as the Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and printed circuit board design.

Use coupon code F6Q2PB56 at checkout to claim your discount.

​Coupon expires on ​January 3​1, 2020.

This coupon cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.

Special Offer from ​Alain Pannetrat

​25% discount on any purchase from Omzlo

​Attendees can use coupon code MAKERMINDMELD during checkout to receive a 25% discount on any purchase from our online store (shop.omzlo.com). 

The coupon is valid through January 31st, 2020 and is limited to one use per customer.

Our online store notably sells the CANZERO Arduino-compatible IoT node and the PiMaster HAT, which can be used together to build your own IoT application based on CAN-bus.

​Special offer from ​Zafar Iqbal

​Solve a problem and get a Turing Machine kit

​In his presentation, Zaf talked about the multiplier program challenge.

Please watch Zaf's presentation for the challenge details​.

The first person to send ​Zaf the solution (​i.e. a screenshot of the screen), ​will receive a kit with the components to build your ​Arduino-based Turing Machine.

​This kit will contain:

- ​Buttons
- Potentiometer
- LED ring
- Arduino compatible board

​T​he enclosure is not included.

Special Offer from ​​Element14

​​15% discount on ​Multicomp Pro products from ​Element14

​Receive 15% OFF when you buy any test, tools and measurement items from ​Multicomp Pro Brand from element14. 

*Terms & Conditions Apply for different regions. Customers must enter a valid voucher code at the checkout when ordering over the web while logged into the website.

​Find the appropriate Element14 website for your location.

Use the table below to find out the correct voucher code for your location.​



​Min order value









​Feb 29 2020






​Feb 29 2020






​Feb 29 2020






​Feb 29 2020






​Feb 29 2020






​Feb 29 2020






​Feb 29 2020






​Feb 29 2020






​Feb 29 2020






​Feb 29 2020






​Feb 29 2020






​Feb 29 2020






​Feb 29 2020






​Feb 29 2020






​Feb 29 2020






​Feb 29 2020






​Feb 29 2020






​Feb 29 2020

​Special offer from ​​Jordan Christman

Enroll to "Lean About FPGA's in a Day" ($10 Coupon) on Udemy

​FPGA’s are used in many applications today, and with more and more devices incorporating “smart” features, they are becoming common place in designs. Previous to FPGA's, micro controllers were exclusively used to incorporate new features on a embedded products. With new products pushing the processing limits of micro controllers, FPGA's are an option to solve this issue.

This course is designed to teach students about what an FPGA is and what applications they are used in. In this course the students will also get to see a step by step instruction to create a project in Vivado, and program the development board. This first part of this course gives a high level overview of what an FPGA is and how they are programmed. The second part of the course takes the students step-by-step how to create a project in Vivado and use this project to implement a design and program an FPGA on a development board (Arty A7).

Upon completing this course, you will understand what an FPGA is, how they are used, and what types of applications they best serve. You will also understand the design flow process of how to program an FPGA so that you can start implementing your own designs on an FPGA.

​Use coupon code SUMMIT10.

Enroll to "Learn the Fundamentals of VHDL and FPGAs" ($10 Coupon) on Udemy

​Learn the Essentials of VHDL and FPGA Development is course that will teach you the fundamentals and basics of VHDL design. In this course you will be working through various projects that will require you to go through the entire FPGA development process. You will be guided through the coding of the actual VHDL to the synthesis using either Xilinx’s development tool, Vivado or Altera development tool Quartus. There are 8 projects in this course:

• Buttons & LEDs
A project that is designed to teach students the very basics of VHDL as well as how to make specific pins on an FPGA inputs (buttons) and outputs (LEDs).
• Blinky LEDs
Students will learn how to create a counter in VHDL in order to simultaneously turn multiple LEDs on and off in unison.
• LED Brightness
This project will have students create 3 VHDL designs, a PWM design to control the brightness of the LEDs, a counter to vary the duty cycle, and a top level design to pull everything together.
• UART Demonstration
Students will be introduced to softcore processors and use them to display a “Hello World” message on a serial port terminal.
In the project students will build upon the ability to transmit messages using the softcore processor to read messages. Students will learn how to interpret messages coming from the computer to the FPGA in order to read the status of various peripherals on the board.
• AD Processing
This project will have students perform an analog to digital conversion. As en example, they sense the temperature.
• SPI Interface (Arty A7 Only)
In this project students will learn how to work with SPI interface. They will load existing designs onto the external flash memory chip to have the FPGA configure itself through the SPI interface.
• I2C Interface (DE10 Nano Only)
In this project students will learn how to work with I2C. They will load an embedded Linux operating system onto the DE10 Nano development board. They will then run a program that interfaces with the onboard accelerometer to display the g forces the sensor reads.

All of the required background and knowledge to complete each project will be explained prior to completing the project. There are demonstration videos and walk-throughs for each project so that you can have a deep understanding of how the project works.

​Use coupon code SUMMIT10.

Enroll to "​Learn VHDL and FPGA Development" ($10 Coupon) on Udemy

VHDL and FPGA Development for Beginners and Intermediates is a course that is designed to teach students how to create and successfully simulate their VHDL design. We will also be implementing these designs on a Xilinx BASYS 3 or BASYS 2 FPGA development board so that the students can see their designs actually running.

This course starts from beginning to end in teaching the user how to turn their digital logic design into VHDL designs that can be simulated in ModelSim or ISim and then implemented on an FPGA development board. This course also covers how to use Altera's tools so students are not limited to Xilinx development boards.

​Use coupon code SUMMIT10.

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