Arduino IoT Cloud – New course preview 

 March 21, 2022

By  Peter

We are working on a new course that explores Arduino Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud.

Arduino IoT Cloud is an online platform designed to simplify the development of secure Internet of Things Applications. You, as the developer, can leverage your existing knowledge of Arduino programming and electronics to create secure and scalable IoT applications.

An example dashboard from the course.

The Arduino IoT Cloud combines a web-based development platform (i.e. an IDE that works in a web browser) and an infrastructure that makes it easy to create scalable Internet of Things applications.

The development platform offers the technology building blocks (the micro-controntroller boards and the programming and dashboard editors) which we can use to build our application.

The infrastructure is what works on the cloud to support secure communications and the operations of the Cloud components of our application.

In a previous course, we explored Blynk, a online platform that is also designed for building IoT applications. If you are familiar with Blynk, then you can consider Arduino IoT Cloud as an equivalent technology, but (in my opinion) easier to learn and use.

We are currently working on this new course, however I want to share one of the available lectures that contains an example of one of the experiments.

The objective of this course is to help you leverage your existing knowledge of Arduino programming and simple electronics so that you can build your first IoT application on the Arduino IoT Cloud.

This course is for anyone wanting to create secure and scalable IoT applications and leverage your existing knowledge of the Arduino hardware and programming.

We plan to publish the new course in early to mid-May.



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