Looking for a lower price?

We aim to offer our courses an eBooks at the lowest possible price to ensure that everyone can afford them.

If you are looking for the lowest possible price, you should consider Solo.

You buy thousands of hours worth of work to develop them, to maintain them, and to support you, our student.

However, we understand that even our low prices may not be low enough for everyone.

So, we reduced our prices even further.

This is why we introduced the Solo pricing tier. 

The Solo tier contains absolute bottom prices for our books and course.

We did not remove any content. You will get the exact same content as everyone else.

If it's an eBook, you will get the complete PDF version. 

If it's a video course, you get all lectures and all downloadable materials.

Nothing is missing.

You will even get all updates, just like everyone else.

The only thing you will not get is access to the course or book community discussion spaces.

But you still get access to the Help Desk in case you need help with billing or the website.

This is why we call it "Solo". 

Learn more about our pricing tiers (Solo, Community and Mentor).

You don't need a coupon to purchase a course or eBook at the Solo tier. Just click on the relevant button, as in the example below.

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