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Our Arduino training program for teachers will transform you into a Mentor before the next term starts

Lecture highlight: Oscilloscopes for Busy People. Learn more about this course. ​In this lecture, I show you how to analyze a simple Resistor-Capacitor circuit using a low-cost USB oscilloscope. This is an example lecture from the Oscilloscopes for Busy People course. With this course, you will learn how to use an oscilloscope to capture, display, and ​analyze any electrical input signal.

What people say about Tech Explorations

I am a beginner with little experience of programming in the language C and circuitry. This is a great pace.


Perfect for actual beginners. I knew nothing about electronics nor programming, now I feel confident with the basics concepts and I can do a basic sketch and wiring by myself.


Really clear and easy to follow. Even though we are going to some complex and difficult topics. Excellent!


Maker Education is an approach to learning that emphasizes the creation of physical artifacts

We are living through a golden age of creativity and invention that is available to more people then every before.

The availability of educational and creativity tools like the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi, combined with the ease by which information and knowledge is transmitted through the Internet, means that every one of us can be a Nicola Tesla, Thomas Edison, or Alexander Bell.

At Tech Explorations, we strive deliver high-quality learning experiences suitable for people that want to thrive in modern, technology-driven societies by thinking and working like an inventor.

At the same time, we recognize that the learning needs of hobbyists are different to those of STEM teachers ​. This is why we offer custom learning experiences for each one.

Courses for hobbyists

Our courses are designed to be detailed, comprehensive, and descriptive. Learn new skills that specifically apply to your projects.

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Are you working with the tools like the Arduino, the Raspberry Pi, KiCad, Design Spark Mechanical? Awesome, you can stop searching on Youtube and Google. We have some of the best content on the Internet right here, ready to dive in.

​One-on-one training for STEM teachers

STEM teachers need specialized, fast-paced training, suitable for demanding classrooms, maker spaces, or other group learning environments.

Our Arduino Bootcamp for teachers is designed to train any teacher so that they can be a confident and competent mentor to their students.

Our Bootcamp instructor will work with you to design your customized training schedule and then help you achieve mastery of the curriculum.

​Take this knowledge and our curriculum and classroom resources and teach your students.