Course lists of parts and tools

All of our courses are practical. To really learn, you must get your hands dirty and make things.

Each course has its own list of parts and tools. With only few exceptions, you can purchase those parts from one of thousands online or bricks & mortar shops.

This page is a gateway to the individual course's parts list page.

In each page, you will find the complete list of parts and tools we use in each course. We do our best to provide you links to reliable sources, that we buy the same products from. In cases where we have to substitute a product with an equivalent, we are careful to choose equivalents that are at least the same (if not better) than the original in terms of quality, functionality, and price. 

Because we want to help as many of our students as possible with purchasing, we choose retailers that can serve international customers, or large markets, like the US. Whenever possible, we provide you links to multiple sources for item. Still, the retailers we have used and linked to may not be the best for you.  We have students from 182 countries, so it is possible that with a bit of research, you will be able to find retailers that can serve you faster and at a better price, so do your homework!

It is important to remember that we at Tech Explorations do not fulfill any of the hardware orders. The retailer that you choose, be it one of our recommendations or not, are ultimately responsible for fulfilling and supporting your order. If you need a refund, exchange, or information about one of their products, please contact them directly.

If you have any suggestions for our product lists, please feel free to let us know by creating a support ticket.

Follow these links for your course's list of parts and tools

Not in the US?

If you do not live in the US, UK or Germany, or the Amazon stores that we provide links to below do not deliver to your location, consider using a freight forwarding service like Shipito.

You can ship your shopping to them, and they will forward to you, anywhere in the world.

This is useful in case, for at least some of the items in your shopping list, Amazon will not ship to addresses outside the US.

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