Video courses and tutorials for makers.

Whether you are looking for a complete project or specific how-to instruction, our courses are designed to help you learn what you need and complete your project. 

Build your skills

with our comprehensive selection of titles


Know-how of the Arduino is essential for any Maker. Learn how to program it, use dozens of sensors and actuators, take your projects to the Internet.
Start with zero knowledge and build up your skill.

ESP32 and ESP8266

The ESP32 and ESP8266 microcontrollers area powerful and low-cost that fits well in the Arduino ecosystem. They are develop with the Internet of Things at their core, making them ideal for connected gadgets

KiCad and 3D printing

With our KiCad course, you will learn how to create printed circuit boards for your gadgets.
And with our Fusion360 for Beginners course, learn how to design and print the perfect enclosure or accessory.


Don't have a project to work on? Try ours. We know that the start of any journey can be confusing. Let us give you clarity by helping you master your new knowledge on a series of projects of increasing difficulty.

Raspberry Pi

This credit card-sized, low-cost computer opens up exciting opportunities for Makers.

Learn how to program and interface it with touchscreens, sensors, and relays.


You can buy one, take it out of the box and fly it. But you are not a consumer; you are a Maker. Make a drone and learn fly controllers, radio transceivers, motors, power management, and much more. Then go out and enjoy.

Progression Plan

Are you new in your Arduino learning adventures? Or are you perhaps looking to further your skills?

Having a progression plan is invaluable, as it can help you schedule your study. Our courses are organized so that you can do just that.

Start with learning the Arduino and electronics basics, practice your new skills on small and large projects, and continue the cycle to the next level. At each step, you will find quality content to support your learning.

Help is always available

Use our Help Desk to get help from our mentors when you get stuck. We will respond withing 48 hours during business days, usually much faster. We will help you solve problems, and learn from them.

Discussion forums

Each course has a dedicated discussion forum. You can start a new topic and ask a question, or browse through other questions. 

The forums are moderated by our instructors and safe for all ages. 

Whether you are just starting out or are more experiences, the course discussion forums is one of your most valuable resources.


Our students get access to our moderated and safe Makers Club, a closed Facebook group where they can interact with other hobbyists and help each other.


Our courses include end of section quizzes to ensure that your learning is effective. Attempt the quizzes as many times as you like and get a perfect score.

Downloadable resources

As a Tech Explorations student, you get access to resources such as code samples, wiring schematics, lecture notes and curated links to quality external resources.

Continuous improvement

We do not simply publish a course and then forget about it. We constantly improve them to make sure they are current and relevant. Once you enroll to a course, you get any future improvement automatically, for free!

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