Tech Explorations Podcast

Tech Explorations Podcast is a podcast where every two weeks Dr. Peter Dalmaris interviews professional engineers and scientists for their take in the latest developments, their practices, and advice, as well as makers about their projects, their favorite tools (software and hardware), and the problem-solving techniques they apply when tackling problems.

You can listen to any of our episodes by clicking on the episode link from the list below. The link will take you to the episode page where you can access the audio player, the episode description and notes. You can also listen on your smartphone by using your podcast app and searching for "Tech Explorations Podcast."

This page contains the Tech Explorations podcasts that are available on this site:


This podcast is produced by Tech Explorations as part of our mission to spread the benefits of Engineering, Science, and the Maker Movement to as many people as possible.

Special thank you to:

  • Lina Alexaki of Tech Explorations for compiling the audio and show notes, and for the administrative support.
  • Michelle Dalmaris of Tech Explorations for the episode and guest research.

This podcast would not be possible without you!

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