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We are a team of DIY and tech geeks that love to learn and help other learns. We create video courses, books, and articles. We cover topics that excite us.

We are determined to do our best in everything we puts our minds into.

Would you like to join us?

From time to time, we open opportunities for new team members. Roles may vary, but here's a few:

  • Teaching Assistants for our courses (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Drones, Electronics, Programming, and more).
  • Writers for blog posts, books, and guides.
  • Vloggers, skilled in making tech videos.
  • Marketers who can help us find new students.
  • Researchers, who can figure out new tech and explain it in simple words.
  • Matchmakers, who can help us make partnerships with like-minded organizations.

In this page, we will post any new opportunities that might arise.

But, if you want to tell us you have skills we want, and are fired up to join our team, let us know.

In your message, please include this information:

  • Why would you like to join our team?
  • What relevant skills are you bringing?
  • Can you provide proof of these skills (link to online examples of your work, such as Youtube videos, blog posts, etc.)
  • How much time do you have available?
  • How did you find out about Tech Explorations (perhaps you are a current or past student?)

Available opportunities

Teaching Assistant for our Drone courses

Get more details and apply (Upwork).

Below is a summary of this opportunity.

This is a casual position as a Teaching Assistant for the courses:

* Make an Open Source Drone
* Make an Open Source Drone: More Fun

These courses are published on Udemy and on

As a Teaching Assistant, your role involves helping students who are having difficulty completing these courses.

A student who needs help will post a question in the Questions and Answers tool on the platform on which they are using to access the course.

The Teaching Assistant will evaluate the question and respond with helpful feedback within a reasonable amount of time. This time is generally around 24-48 hours since the question was posted.

If the Teaching Assistant cannot answer a legitimate (i.e. within scope) question, he/she must escalate by creating an Asana task.

-- What are the responsibilities of a TA?
    * Help students who struggle with the course so that they can move on.
    * Help without doing the work for them.
    * Help by clarifying something they have misunderstood or show them the “right way” if they have taken a dead-end path.
    * Monitor the course for problems with content (incorrect, out of date etc).

-- How much time will a TA need to spend helping students?
    * You can budget 10-15 minutes per day, or 15-30 minutes every two days.
    * You can work out your own schedule to make it fit with your other responsibilities.

-- Is there a Probation period?
    * Yes: 4 weeks
    * During the probation period, you can work as a TA and gradually become comfortable with the process.
    * The probation period will be paid.
    * If everything goes well, and both parties are satisfied that the arrangements are mutually acceptable, we’ll continue. We may also agree on changes that we both agree are necessary.

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