My First Solo 

 December 20, 2023

By  Peter

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The first student solo is a pivotal milestone in aviation training. If there is one flight that is permanently ingrained in the memory of every pilot, it is their first solo.

For me, my first solo was the #1 goal that I have been working towards since August when I started with regular flight lessons.

And I finally recorded that milestone in my pilot logbook on Friday, December 15, 2023.

In the previous few weeks, I had several opportunities to achieve this milestone, only to be foiled by a combination of flying deficiencies, bad weather, or equipment failure.

Here’s the video of that flight, that contains the first five minutes of air-time as pilot-in-command.

My first solo.

You can read all the details in my full Hour 26 log, including the full video from that flight, more photos, and the detailed flight debrief.

I have a huge favour to ask. 

I have created a new channel on YouTube for Peter's Flight Log (PFL) to host my flight videos and share them with anyone interested in General Aviation (GA). 

If you are interested in GA, I would be grateful if you would visit the PFL YouTube channel and subscribe. This will help the channel grow and find other people to find it. 

Thank you!


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