Robert Feranec asks Peter: How to Learn Electronics and Programming? 

 March 28, 2022

By  Peter

Robert Feranec, founder of Fedevel Education & Academy, Engineer, and hardware design instructor, asked me “How to Learn Electronics and Programming”.

So, we had a very interesting and enjoyable discussion, which Robert recorded, edited, and published on his YouTube channel (or play in this page below).

In the interview, we discuss these topics:

  • 00:35 Arduino, and why it is such a good tool for learning.
  • 03:51 Keeping it interesting through simply projects and small wins.
  • 08:39 Python – Codecademy, an example online resource of learning programming.
  • 10:46 Grok Learning, another example online resource of learning programming.
  • 20:16 Online courses and how to choose the one that is right for you.
  • 27:28 What to learn after Arduino.
  • 29:27 Getting into ESP32 and IoT.
  • 42:04 MicroPython, a modern language for microcontrollers.
  • 48:15 Next step with the Raspberry Pi.
  • 59:36 Robotics and Mechanics
  • 1:09:11 Computer aided design with KiCAD and Tinkercad
  • 1:14:15 More computer aided design with Fusion 360, FreeCAD



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