Summit - Maker Mind Meld

Dal Gemmell – A blockchain-powered decentralized network owned by you 

 January 27, 2023

By  Peter

In this Maker Mind Meld summit presentation, Dal Gemmell talks about a new generation of wireless networks, based on cutting-edge blockchain technology, that delivers a new kind of open, decentralized wireless network built by individuals that delivers range and roaming capabilities similar to cellular without the high cost or battery drain.

Is this too good to be true?

No, according to Dal.

In this session, Dal explains how to leverage this new peer-to-peer wireless network to collect data from any IoT device, with a Helium module (or a make-your-own module using off-the-shelf components and the code Helium released under open source licensing) and transfer it to the cloud in minutes.

Dal’s presentation is one of many from the 2019 Maker Mind Meld online summit, and is now available for free access with the video and full transcript.


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