Maker Mind Meld Summit Day 5, starting now 

 December 11, 2019

By  Peter

Welcome to Day 5 of the Maker Mind Meld Summit.

We’re already more than half way through the Summit, and today’s presentations are dedicated to Maker Education.

I’ve received a lot of positive feedback over the last few days about the value you’ve been getting from our speakers and that this is the BEST online event you’ve ever attended (and you can actually implement a lot of the things you’ve learned right away).

That’s one of the reasons why so many people upgraded to the Full Access Pass… it’s really is such a no-brainer.

To watch the Day 5 presentations you will need to get your free ticket.

Free tickets are only available between December 7 and December 13.

Here’s a list of presenters and their topics:

Kieran Nolan – Education 3.0

Kieran Nolan is an education technologist at Wooranna Park Primary School, and together with the students of the school, he is creating the future of Education.

As part of getting ready to rock in a technological future of abundance, Kieran and his students develop VR games, custom computers, their own cryptocurrency, maintain nodes for various blockchains, design their own games, co-decide on hardware and software for the school’s STEAM center, and more.

Hold on to your hat, because Kieran is going to transport us to the future of Education!

To watch Kieran’s presentation, go to the registration page to get your free ticket. One you register, we’ll send you an email with the links to today’s presentations, as well as those for the days that follow.

Prof Richard Park – Maker Education in the college

Professor Richard Park is a Maker and Educator, and in this presentation he unwraps his process of designing and creating an Internet of Things class for his students.

To do this, he builds from his experience at Apple, Texas Instruments, IBM and CISCO; an experience that gives him a unique vantage point of where IoT came from and where it’s going.

Attend Richard’s presentation to learn how he develops his teaching technology based on the Raspberry Pi and open-source platforms and programming languages to build a multi-faceted and immersive learning experience.

To watch Richard’s presentation, go to the registration page to get your free ticket. One you register, we’ll send you an email with the links to today’s presentations, as well as those for the days that follow.

Remember to watch the videos quickly because they’re only available for 24 hours before they become available only to Maker Mind Meld Full Access Pass holders.

You can get lifetime access to ALL sessions with the Maker Mind Meld Full Access Pass (details here).

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See you in today’s sessions!

Host, Maker Mind Meld Summit


Peter Dalmaris is an educator, electrical engineer, electronics hobbyist, and Maker. Creator of online video courses on DIY electronics and author of three technical books, and has recently released his book Maker Education Revolution.   As a Chief Tech Explorer since 2013 at Tech Explorations, the company he founded in Sydney, Australia, Peter’s mission is to explore technology and help educate the world.  Tech Explorations offers educational courses and Bootcamps for electronics hobbyists, STEM students and STEM teachers. A life-long learner, Peter’s core skill is in explaining difficult concepts through video and text. With over 15 years of tertiary teaching experience, Peter has developed a simple yet comprehensive style in teaching that students from all around the world appreciate.  His passion for technology and in particular for the world of DIY open source hardware has been a dominant driver that has guided his personal development and his work through Tech Explorations. Peter’s current online courses have helped over 60,000 people from around the world to be better Makers. 

Peter Dalmaris

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