Tech Explorations Guides

We have written several free guides to help you build up your knowledge and skill on the topics of Arduino, Raspberry Pi, KiCad and the ESP32.

Each guide consist of a series of pages that you can read right now in your browser.

If you want to ask a question, please feel free to use the discussion tool at the bottom of each guide page.

Here's a list of our guides:

  • Beginning Arduino. Perfect for people new to the Arduino.
  • Arduino Sensors. If you have the basics, this guide will teach you how to use simple sensors with your Arduino.
  • Programming Arduino with Altair Embed. Embed is an integrated development environment from Altair. Instead of text, you compose your program using a visual language.
  • Beginning Raspberry Pi. Want to experiment with this super-popular microcomputer? This is where you can start (this guide will be released soon).
  • Beginning KiCad. When you are ready to move your breadboard project to something more permanent and refined, you will need to design a custom printed circuit board (PCB). This guide will help you with your first steps of printed circuit design using KiCad, the world's favorite open-source computer aided design program for PCBs.
  • Beginning ESP32. The ESP32 is a powerful microcontroller, at a low cost. You can depend on your existing Arduino knowledge and use the ESP32 anywhere you would use an Arduino. This guide will help you get started with the ESP32.
  • Unleashing ESP32. What's the best way to learn? With a project, of course! In ESP32: Unleashed, you will learn how to use the ESP32, PlatformIO and VS Code to build an IoT gadget filled with featured. This free  content in this guide will show you how to get started in this project.
  • Learn how to use an oscilloscope, and get a detailed insight on what is happening inside your circuits.