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Looking to manufacture your new PCB design? In the market for development boards and peripheral components? Maybe a new bench instrument?

In this page you will find special offers from our partners. These partners strive to provide top-quality products and services at a very competitive price.

Full disclosure

We have created this page primarily to help you find reliable and low-cost sources from where you can purchase tech gear. Our income some almost 100% from selling our courses and books. However, a small amount of our income comes from affiliate sales.

Because rules are rules, and because it is the right thing to do, I hereby disclose that for any purchases you make when you click on any of the links in this page or elsewhere in our website, the seller may pay Tech Explorations a referral fee. This payment will not increase the price you pay to the our partners.

Each partner is free to create their own offer. Some may offer you discounts across their entire site. Others, may offer a discount that applies to specific products, or they may opt to give you alternative offers like "buy 1 get 2" or extended trial periods. Please read the brief details of the offer you are interested in, and feel free to contact the partner if you need clarification.

PCB manufacturing



As one of the most experienced PCB manufacturers in China, PCBWay is your one-stop solution that offers PCB fabrication, turn-key PCB Assembly , PCB design, 3D printing, and CNC machining services.


Get 5% off any PCB, FPC, assembly, CNC and 3D printing service at PCBWay. There is no upper limit on the order amount using this coupon:


How to use PCBWay coupon code?

1. Create an account at and sign in.
2. Fill the coupon code in "My Coupons" page or "Account Balance" page to redeem it.
3. Check the coupon before payment.

This coupon will expire six months after first use.



Reliable Multi-layer Boards Manufacturer, we offer a one-stop solution service that involves PCB Prototype & Batch Production, PCB Assembly (SMT), global delivery, and Quick turnaround(as fast as 24 hours lead time)


0$ for 10pcs 1-4 layer PCB prototype + Free shipping.

How to redeem this offer?

1. Register at NextPCB, upload the Gerber fil

2. Fill in the redeem code "techexploration" in the "special requests" box (scroll to the bottom to get the redeem code)

3. Add to cart

4. Fill the shipping address

5. Submit your order. 

Dev boards & components

EIM Technology


EIM Technology is founded in Vancouver, Canada which focuses on design and development of STEM educational kits with an emphasis on electronics and hardware.


Save 10% off for all EIM Techchology products (MEGO, Zoolark, VEGO, STEM ruler etc.).

Use coupon code: Tech_Explorations at checkout.

The blue button below will take you to the EIM Technology store.



SunFounder is an STEAM education company that has been established for 10 years in China. Our business mainly include product development, manufacturing and courses.


Arduino&Raspberry pi starter kit, robot kit, modules, sensors, display, accessories.


ArduinoJson book


ArduinoJson is one of the most (if not the most) popular libraries for Arduino and PlatformIO. By allowing you to read and write JSON documents efficiently, it's the go-to library for any program that communicates with a Web API, provides a REST API, or saves data to a file.


Get a 30% discount on the 300-page ebook "Mastering ArduinoJson," written by Benoit Blanchon, the library's creator. Use the coupon TECHEXPLORATIONS on checkout.

Home Education Association


The HEA is the national not-for-profit, incorporated membership association serving Australian homeschoolers since 2001, when it was established by Colleen and Philip Strange. The HEA is run by a committee voluntarily coming together to lead the association. 


We have over 1400 Australian families holding membership with us - you can be one too!

Home Education in Australia

Home education involves parents and caregivers taking direct responsibility for the education of their child or children. Home education, also known as home schooling, is a legal option that embraces a wide variety of educational philosophies. People from a variety of backgrounds and educational levels are successfully home educating children of all ages.

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