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key facts and the three steps to partnering with tech explorations.

Key facts about our website

Unique monthly visitors

34,000 unique visitors read our blog and guide pages.

Page views

Visitors on read over 45,000 pages (average page views per month)

Unique monthly visitors

34,000 unique visitors read our blog and guide pages.

Page views

Visitors on read over 45,000 pages (average page views per month)

Topics covered

Arduino, ESP32, Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi Pico, KiCad, Node-RED, MicroPython, Oscilloscopes and bench tools, Drones, Robotics, Maker Education, Kits, Cloud software. And, of course, General Aviation.


Most of our visitors come from North America, India, Europe (mainly Germany, UK, Netherlands, France and Italy), and Australia. Most of our visitors are over 30 year old, with a 70/30 mix between males and females.

Distinct content groups

Associate your logo and brand in one or more of these content groups:


Our blog contains over two hundred posts. We add a new post each week. The main topics are: microcontrollers, programming, CAD (usually KiCad), new products, Maker Education, Node-RED.


Our site contains more than 150 guide pages. Topics cover Arduino, ESP32, Raspberry Pi, KiCad, Node-RED, Micropython, Drones, and Tools. We constantly add new guide pages.

Peter's Flying Log

Peter's Flying Log captures my experiences as I am training towards a Private Pilots License. These pages are a rich compilation of story telling, aviation buzzwords, facts and resources about aviation.

How to become a Tech Explorations partner

If you represent a business that is interested in reaching out to the visitors of our website, I invite you to reach out and discuss. The process includes only three steps:


Step 1 - Decide where to display your company logo and messaging. 

The options are one of Blog, Guides, or PFL ("Peter's Flying Log"). If you choose to display your company logo on both the Blog and Guide pages, we will also include it above the fold in the home page.


Step 2 - Contact Peter

Use the Tech Explorations Help Desk to initiate communication with us. In your message, indicate your interest in becoming a partner, and your preferred option. You may also mention other requirements if you wish, such as how long you plan you would like to maintain the sponsorship, the implementation of a sales or special offer campaign, URL encoding requirements etc. 

Peter will provide you with any details you request, including the technical specifications for your banner, and the sponsorship fee.


Step 3 - Execute

Once we have discussed and agreed on the details of our collaboration, we will add your branded banner on our website and publish it. We will provide you with website statistics once per month (unless we have agreed otherwise). We will also be in regular communication to implement improvements or changes.

Ready to start?

Let's explore our collaboration

In the form, please select "I am interested in a partnership" from the Ticket Topic drop-down.

About ME

Peter Dalmaris, PhD

I am the Chief Geek @ Tech Explorations and I am responsible for the content you see on

I am an Engineer, Educator, and student pilot. I love learning and teaching.

Tech Explorations is what makes all this possible.

The website started in 2014, and has grown in terms of monthly unique visits and the amount of content that it contains. Today, it has thousands of new and repeat visitors that would love to learn about your brand and products.

I look forward to discussing your sponsorship options!