Arduino Mobile Development with Blynk

This page contains lists of parts, tools and software needed to complete "Arduino Mobile Development with Blynk".

The following lists contain the parts, tools and software needed to complete "Arduino Mobile Development with Blynk".

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Hardware requirements:

Please note that you can still complete this course using any Arduino or ESP32 board. The only requirement is that the board you use is compatible with the Blynk platform. You can find a list of compatible devices here

In the course, I use these boards:

Additional components that you may use:

The following components are optional extras that I use in the various experiments. Again (as with the micro-controllers), it is possible to substitute the following parts (such as the temperature sensor) with equivelants. This course focuses on the Blynk platform, not the specific hardware I use for the demonstrations.

Here's the software that I use in this course:

To complete this course you will also need these resources:

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