Node-RED and ESP32 Terrarium controller

This page contains lists of parts, tools and software for the course "Node-RED ESP32: Make a Terrarium Controller".

The following lists contain the parts, tools and software needed to complete "Node-RED ESP32: Make a Terrarium Controller".

The items in these lists are provided in an effort to make it easier for our students to find the parts and tools they need. While we take care to find reliable sellers, we cannot be responsible for problems in their supply chain or fulfilment. Sellers may run out of stock at any time, or shipments may be lost in transit. For issues like these, or for warranty claims, please contact the seller directly.

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Hardware requirements:




Buying options


Any Raspberry Pi.

I use a Raspberry Pi 2, and have tested with Raspberry Pi Zero W and Raspberry Pi 4

Raspberry Pi 4 | Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon DE | Sunfounder

Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W | Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon DE |


ESP32 Dev Kit V4

Official dev kit v4:

Digikey AU | Digikey US | Digikey UK | Digikey DE

Clones (lower cost):

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon DE | Sunfounder


A 10 KΩ potentiometer to simulate the soil humidity sensor.


A 5V DC motor to simulate a water pump.


A soil humidity sensor. You have two options:

1. Best, more expensive: Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor (Corrosion Resistant)

2. Short life span, cheaper: resistive analog soil humidity sensor.

Showing resistive soil humidity sensor.

1. Capacitive:  Amazon US | Amazon AU | Amazon UK | Amazon DE 

2. Resistive: Amazon US | Amazon AU | Amazon UK | Amazon DE 


A Micro Submersible Water Pump (Machifit JT80SL DC 3-6V Water Pump 120L/H Ultra-quiet Micro Horizontal Submersible Mini Water Pump)


A hose for the pump (1m Length Food Grade Translucent Silicone Tubing Hose 1mm To 8mm Inner Diameter Tube)


A DHT22 sensor in special adapter casing (AAM2302B DHT22 Single Bus Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module Probe AM2302 Adapter Plate)

| Amazon US | Amazon AU | Amazon UK | Amazon DE | Bangood


A TIP 122 Darlington transistor


A Shottky diode, IN4007.


Assorted resistors, from 300 Ohm to 500 KOhm.

Here's the tools that I use in this course:

In this course, I have made frequent use of my bench-top multi-meter and my bench-top power supply. The other tools, such as the soldering station, are secondary and useful to assemble some of the circuit that I used.




Buying options


TENMA 72-7730A digital autoranging multimeter (handheld).

| Amazon US | Amazon AU | Amazon UK | Amazon DE |


(Used in the course) Rigol DM3058E Digital Multimeter (benchtop).


KORAD KA3005P or equivelant- Programmable Precision Variable Adjustable 30V, 5A DC Linear Power Supply (benchtop power supply).


A large breadboard (or at least two mini-breadboards).


Jumper wires.



Here's the software that I use in this course:

To complete this course you will also need these resources:

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