Stemiverse 0062 – Ranveig Strøm discusses Entrepreneurship at the Knowledge Transfer Group at CERN 

 November 5, 2019

By  Lina Alexaki

In this episode, Dr. Peter Dalmaris talks with Ranveig Strøm.

Ranveig joined the Knowledge Transfer group of CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) as an administrative student in February 2017, working in marketing and communication.

Since February 2018 she is responsible for CERN’s entrepreneurship activities.

Ranveig works to foster a culture of entrepreneurship at the Laboratory and to assist CERN personnel wanting to create companies.

With a strong interest in technology management and new business development, she has completed an MSc from the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship in Norway, for which she wrote her thesis while at CERN.

Ranveig Strøm, Entrepreneurship Development Officer at CERN Knowledge Transfer Group, and Dr. Peter Dalmaris, author of Maker Education Revolution

Ranveig has also completed courses at UC Berkeley, doing a deep dive into the Silicon Valley start-up scene, while also being a business development intern for a start-up in San Francisco.

In the past, Ranveig has been involved in several start-ups, giving her hands-on experience in business development, as well as holding positions in various entrepreneurship oriented organizations.

Specifically, she has worked as an entrepreneurial supervisor for students with business ideas, as project manager for a handful of EIT Climate-KIC programs and also as a board member of Start Norway.

This is Stemiverse Podcast episode 62.

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