About Tech Explorations

Tech Explorations creates educational products for students and hobbyists of electronics who rather utilize their time making awesome gadgets instead of searching endlessly through blog posts and YouTube videos.

We deliver high-quality instructional videos and books through our online learning platform, techexplorations.com.

Supporting our students through their learning journey is our priority, and we do this through our dedicated online community and course forums.

Founded in 2013 by Peter Dalmaris, Tech Explorations was created after Peter realized how difficult it was to find high-quality definitive guides for the Arduino, written or produced by creators who responded to their reader questions.

Peter was frustrated having to search for Youtube videos and blog articles that almost never seemed to be made for the purpose of conveying knowledge.

He decided to create Teach Explorations so that he could produce the educational content that he wished he could find back then.

Tech Explorations courses are designed to be comprehensive, definitive and practical. Whether it is through video, ebook, blog or email, our delivery is personal and conversational.

It is like having a friend showing you something neat... the "AHA" moments just flow!

Peter left his career in Academia after his passion for electronics and making was rekindled with the arrival of his first Arduino. Although he was an electronics hobbyist from a young age, something the led him to study electrical and electronics engineering in University, the Arduino signaled a revolution in the way that electronics is taught and learned.

Peter decided to be a part of this revolution and has never looked back.

We know that even today, with all the information of the world at your fingertips, thanks to Google, and all the components of the world one click away, thanks to eBay, the life of the electronics hobbyist is not easy.

Busy lifestyles leave little time for your hobby, and you want this time to count.

We want to help you to enjoy your hobby. We want you to enjoy learning amazing practical things that you can use to make your own awesome gadgets.

Electronics is a rewarding hobby. Science, engineering, mathematics, art, and curiosity all converge in a tiny circuit with a handful of components.

We want to help you take this journey without delays and frustrations.

Our courses have been used by over 55,000 people across the world.

From prototyping electronics with the Arduino to learning full-stack development with the Raspberry Pi or designing professional-looking printed circuit boards for their awesome gadgets, our students enjoyed taking our courses and improved their making skills dramatically.

Here's what some of them had to say:

"I'm about half way through this course and I am learning so much. Peter is an outstanding instructor. I recommend this course if you really want to learn about the versatility of the amazing Raspberry Pi" -- Scott

"The objectives of this course are uniquely defined and very useful. The instructor explains the material very clearly." -- Huan

"Logical for the beginner. Many things that I did not know so far about Arduino but easy to understand. Also the voice is easy to understand which is unlike many courses about microcontrollers that I have STARTED in the past. Thanks" -- Anthony

Please check out our courses, and let us help you in your technology education adventures!

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