This page contains resources relating to the Kicad Like a Pro book and course.

This support page is available to students of the video course and readers of the eBook.

Photos and schematics

You can find all photos, screenshots and illustrations from the book in this Google Photos album: 

KiCad Like a Pro 2e illustrations

Click the link below to get a high-resolution and printable PDF file.

This PDF includes:

  • The KiCad design workflow
  • The schematic design process
  • The PCB layout process
  • Vias illustration
  • Holes and pads illustration

Project 3, final schematic

Click on the button below to download the Project 3 final schematic in a high-resolution PDF file.

Errata and bug reporting

Found a problem in the book? Typos, incorrect figure numbers, factual mistakes? 

Please let us know by completing this 1-question form.

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Page numbers refer to the PDF version of the book.

The latest published version is 1.43.

Following is a list of known and fixed bugs:

Reported problems and fix status

  1. Version 1.32. Page 42 has a list of three items (Breadboard_5V_power_supply.KiCad_pcb etc.) but you still refer to these list as "...two new files". Obviously the .pro file was already there, but then do not list all three here. Status: Fixed
  2. Version 1.32. Page 42 on the bottom: "... The last of the three files," this is the first file of the list. Why mentioning that this is the last Status: Fixed
  3. Version 1.32. Page 43 -This is not an error but more a recommendation-, you refer to more information in the KiCad documentation, but the reference to this is unfortunately not there. This would be really helpful to specifically mention the source to this here. Status: Fixed
  4. Version 1.32. Page 59 has a wrong reference to an image. Status: Fixed
  5. Version 1.32. Page 63 Chapter "Graphics line tool" should be fourth instead of third in the second sentence "It is the third one from the bottom, labeled ’17’ in Figure 8.14." Status: Fixed
  6. Version 1.32. Page 63 Chapter "Graphics line tool" is mixing left-clicking and right-clicking and should instead mention double clicking for marking the end. (Or use context menu and describe then accordingly.) Status: Fixed
  7. Version 1.32. Page 64 on Figure 8.34 has two different software versions, without any explanation which is which and why this is showed like this. I think it was forgotten to remove the older layout. Status: Fixed
  8. Version 1.32. Page 65 text under table 8.3 has an error: The last one is 21 (and not 20 for Cbpcb) for Cvpcb, similar to what the table shows. Status: Fixed
  9. Version 1.32. Page 69 Reference to figure 8.40 is wrong. Status: Rejected Response: V5 toolbar seems correct with the existing descriptions.
  10. Version 1.32. Page 73 refers to unknown image 8.? Status: Fixed
  11. Version 1.32. Page 79 I would rewrite to: "The first thing to notice is that these menus contain items that are partially also available as buttons in the top or right toolbar:". To me the sentence "Take a minute to see how the first group of menus have a one-to-one correspondence with the buttons in the top and right toolbars." does not make much sense. Status: Fixed
  12. Version 1.32. Page 84 "it uses the same template." The template was never described before. So it is not possible to use that. Status: Fixed
  13. Version 1.32. Page 86 Pan does not work with the Alt/Cmd + Right mouse button (RMB) on my PC. I do not know if this is specific to my configuration or mouse (Using Ubuntu with a logitech G5 mouse). Status: Pending further testing Response: This configuration works on my Vmware Ubuntu virtual machine. It seems to be configured at the OS/VM level, not in KiCad.
  14. Version 1.32. Page 89 change sentence to: "If you right-click on a track, you will get the context menu in Figure 9.11." (Change also for the image description). Status: Fixed
  15. Version 1.32. Page 90 change sentence to: "Finally, if you right-click in an empty area of the sheet, you will get the context menu in Figure 9.12.". Status: Fixed
  16. Version 1.32. Page 90 wrong reference to Figure 9.13 Status: Fixed
  17. Version 1.32. Page 91 table 9.1: The G-Hotkey has disappeared in the current release of KiCad. I recommend to completely remove that row from the table. Status: Pending further testing Response: At the time of this writing, the Drag feature is not working as expected; instead it operates as a regular Move.
  18. Version 1.32. Page 91 wrong reference to Figure 9.15 Status: Fixed
  19. Version 1.32. Page 94 There is no number 18 at the left toolbar. The last button in that Figure 9.16 is 16 Status: Fixed
  20. Version 1.32. Page 97 Rephrase sentence to "The two footprints should be attached to your mouse pointer. " Status: Fixed
  21. Version 1.32. Page 147. Incorrect reference to Figure 9.113. Status: Fixed
  22. Version 1.32. Page 283. Incorrect reference to Figure 19.11 & bullet point formatting issue. Status: Fixed
  23. Version 1.32. Page 284. Incorrect reference to Figure 19.12. Status: Fixed
  24. Version 1.32. Page 305. Incorrect reference to Figure 21.1. Status: Fixed
  25. Version 1.32. Page 354. Incorrect reference to Figure 35.5. Status: Fixed
  26. Version 1.34. Page 110. Reference is made to net with "GND1", but in the left bottom image it shows GND2 -> Correct to GND2. Status: Fixed
  27. Version 1.34. Page 117: Missing reference to figure 9.39 for buttons "6" and "7". Status: Fixed
  28. Version 1.34. Page 119: Sentence: "a rectangular PCB with two flaps in the sides where we can place two holes for the mounting screws". I do not see any flaps on any of the figures. This is confusing for me. Status: Fixed
  29. Version 1.34. Page 122: Reference to "The arrows in Figure 9.64", where I do not see any arrows in that figure. Please add arrows accordingly. Status: Fixed
  30. Version 1.34. Page 123: Small typo: PCB instead of PDB. Status: Fixed
  31. Version 1.34. Page 133: Top sentence: "The toolbar version also has a second tab, titled Render" -> The title is incorrect. At figure 9.89 the second tab is called "Items" rather than "Render". Please also correct this in the figure description and the sentence immediately following the figure. Finally, there is also the sentence "Experiment with some of the other options in the Render tab,...", where I would call it Item tab instead. Status: Fixed
  32. Version 1.34. Page 135: Two sentences above figure 9.93, where it is explained how the first group of menus have a one-to-one correspondence, I find confusing. I do not see that correspondence, or if any, I would only see a partial correspondence. Status: Fixed
  33. Version 1.34. Page 147: Removed mentions to Cairo and OpenGL graphics engines. Status: Fixed
  34. Version 1.34. Page 147: Reference to figure 9.112 is wrong (See first sentence in paragraph Route.) Status: Fixed
  35. Version 1.35. Page 12: the company Digi-Key Electronics is accidentally spelled Digit-Key Electronics. Status: Fixed
  36. Version 1.35. Page 142: Incorrect description of the contents and figure number of Figure 9.104. Status: Fixed
  37. Version 1.35. Page 142: Figure 9.104 has a slightly different view (This is really minor), which are the buttons with <<< and >>>. In your figure it has some text. At version 5.0.1, I do not see any text there. Status: Fixed
  38. Version 1.35. Page 143: Figure 9.105 has the same buttons slightly differently organized. Status: Fixed
  39. Version 1.35. Page 146: There is a reference to Figure 9.109. This figure however shows another menu item, not the contents of the Local Clearance and Settings tab. Status: Fixed
  40. Version 1.35. Page 146: At paragraph "Place" it shows a wrong Reference with Dollar sign. (Should be 9.111). Status: Fixed
  41. Version 1.35. Page 147: You describe the OpenGL and Cairo engines. Would it be possible to write a little bit more about this, or refer to some chapter -if there is-? Status: Rejected.Response: This was fixed in a previous version.
  42. Version 1.35. Page 147: Point "1. Single Track" is already described with the exact same sentence a few lines earlier. Maybe you can rewrite/remove some of the few lines before point 1 to make it fit better to the 5 points. Status: Fixed
  43. Version 1.35. Page 147: Reference to current version 4.0.7 can be updated to the current version. Status: Fixed
  44. Version 1.35. Page 149: Figure 9.115 looks different: Two items are not in the current version. And the current option with text "Optimize pad connections" is not shown either. Status: Fixed
  45. Version 1.35. Page 150: * Page 148 small typo: "...redefine one a segment..." -> "...redefine a segment...". Status: Fixed
  46. Version 1.35. Page 151. small typo: "...buttons n the top and right toolbar..." -> "...buttons in the top and right toolbars...". Status: Fixed
  47. Version 1.35. Page 153: small typo: " the schematic after you being work in Pcbnew..."? Is this correct English? Status: Fixed. Response: Should be "begin".
  48. Version 1.35. Page 156: small typo: " store is individual files..." -> " stored as individual files...". Status: Fixed.
  49. Version 1.35. Page 38: the reference at page 38 to figure 7.1 In the text it states "... as you can see in 1." -> please correct to "... as you can see in Figure 7.1." Status: Fixed.
  50. Version 1.35. Page 149: Confusing description about the use of "G" hotkey (at least to me). You describe here the two options for the mouse: "interactive drag" and "move". The hotkey G is therefore not relevant, as it works regardless of the configured option. So the options for the mouse only apply when clicking on a track directly, without using a hotkey at all. Status: Fixed. Response: It is true that you can simply click to select a track, and then click and drag. But the G hotkey still works as a shortcut.
  51. Version 1.35. generally as a remark for every other hyperlink, maybe add hyperlinks as footnotes as well at each page, so it is possible to read where it is linked to, at least for printed paper versions. Status: Pending. Response: Good idea. I will look at making this change ASAP.
  52. Version 1.35. Page 11: "that I have no intention in converting into PCBs." supposed to be "that I have no intention in converting into PCBs.". Status: Fixed.
  53. Version 1.36. Page 167. Typo: "... that allows a traces to continue..." -> Either a trace or traces. Status: Fixed.
  54. Version 1.36. Page 167. Typo in Figure 12.7: Mirco via -> Micro via. Status: Fixed.
  55. Version 1.36. Page 180. In 13.4. Step 4. Wire: Correct reference to Figure "13.<$n#figure:" Status: Fixed. (in earlier version)
  56. Version 1.36. Page 181. Correct "Figure 13.<$n:figure: " description. Status: Fixed. (in earlier version)
  57. Version 1.36. Page 181. In 13.5. Step 5. Nets, bottom sentence: Correct reference to Figure "13.<$n#figure". Status: Fixed. (in earlier version)
  58. Version 1.36. Page 184. 182 - First paragraph, please provide a positive argument for Kicad. The argument that you provide is neither positive, nor negative. I recommend to mention for example something like: "Forcing oneself to work in a more consistent work which leads to less errors".. Status: Fixed. Response: I added text to better explain the issue, and the shortcut.
  59. Version 1.36. Page 184. Correct "Figure 13.<$n:figure: " description at the top Figure. Status: Fixed. (in earlier version)
  60. Version 1.36. Page 184. Correct ref about half way the text after "netlist from the Pcbnew Tools menu (Figure 13.". Status: Fixed. (in earlier version)
  61. Version 1.36. Page 184. Correct "Figure 13.<$n:figure: " description at the bottom Figure. Status: Fixed. (in earlier version)
  62. Version 1.36. Page 187. Typo in top sentence: "... use the Grid drown down menu" -> "... use the Grid drop down menu". Status: Fixed.
  63. Version 1.36. Page 188. Recommend to add footnote for the URL (Preferable with date, when this URL was found.) This is a general remark for all footnotes with references to URLs, as nothing in the internet is more volatile than URLs.). Status: Fixed. Response: Added URL and last access date to URLs in this page. Will do so for all other URLs in later versions.
  64. Version 1.36. Page 188. Recommend to add footnote to PCBWay's URL + date? Status: Fixed. Response: Added URL and last access date to URLs in this page. Will do so for all other URLs in later versions.
  65. Version 1.36. Page192. Either missing figure 14.9 or 14.10 or reference is missing or what? Please correct also the references to it. The way it is now is confusing. Status: Fixed.Response: Incorrectly encoded Figure references.
  66. Version 1.36. Page 194. Question: Sentence "For larger boards, Kicad includes a basic autorouter..." Is this still true for V5.0?. Status: Fixed. Response: No, the autorouter can be installed as an ad-on. I have adjusted the text to explain this.
  67. Version 1.36. Page 195. Is the term "thermals" the most common one, or is it thermal relief? Please refer to the most common term if necessary. (Term is used 4x on this page.). Status: Fixed. Response: I have adjusted the text to show that the correct term is "thermal reliefs", and that "thermals" is a shortened version.
  68. Version 1.36. Page 198. Recommend to add footnote to Kicad documentation + date? Status: Fixed.
  69. Version 1.36. Page 204. Typo. Weight should be Weight. Status: Fixed.
  70. Version 1.36. Page 205. Recommend to add footnote to PCBWay's URL + date?. Status: Fixed.
  71. Version 1.37. Page 145. Incorrect reference to Figure 9.109. Status: Fixed.
  72. Version 1.37. Page 116. Missing ")". Status: Fixed.
  73. Version 1.37. Page 134. "under a new file format" should be "under a new file name". Status: Fixed.
  74. Version 1.37. Page 155. Added a link to the Kicad documentation with information on path locations and folder roles. Status: Fixed.
  75. Version 1.37. Page 161. The partial schematic belongs to the Arduino Pro Mini, not the Arduino Uno. Status: Fixed.
  76. Version 1.37. Page 161. "and on isn’t (C10)" should be "and one isn’t (C10)". Status: Fixed.
  77. Version 1.37. Page 160. Improved fourth paragraph. Status: Fixed.
  78. Version 1.37. Page 163. Improved the last paragraph of the section on FR4. Status: Fixed.
  79. Version 1.37. Page 166. "it’s two ends" should be "its two ends". Status: Fixed.
  80. Version 1.37. Page 170. Changed "project" to "projects". Changed "decorations" to "decorative". Changed "color" to "colour". Changed "of a T-shirt" to "on a T-shirt", Status: Fixed.
  81. Version 1.37. Page 170. Improved the last sentence of the Drill Bit section for clarity. Status: Fixed.
  82. Version 1.37. Page 172. Improved the last sentence of the Gold Fingers section for clarity. Status: Fixed.
  83. Version 1.37. Page 172. "penalisation" should be "panelisation". Status: Fixed.
  84. Version 1.37. Page 173. Improved the last sentence of the Panels section for clarity. Status: Fixed.
  85. Version 1.37. Page 174 & 175. Multiple improvements and corrections. Status: Fixed.
  86. Version 1.37. Updated formatting for the detailed table of contents in the epub and mobi files. Status: Fixed.
  87. Version 1.38. Page 393. Added information about an alternative BoM plugin, KiCost, suggested by Eladio Martinez. Status: Fixed.
  88. Version 1.38. Page 200. "Companies" should be "companies". Status: Fixed.
  89. Version 1.38. Table of contents: changed "PCB layout process" to "PCB layout workflow". Status: Fixed
  90. Version 1.38. Page 203. Changed "make than multilayer" to "make compared to multilayer". Status: Fixed
  91. Version 1.38. Page 205. "6mil" should be "6 mil". Status: Fixed
  92. Version 1.38. Page 205. "manufactures" should be "manufactured". "more" should be "most". Status: Fixed
  93. Version 1.38. Page 204. "wight" should be "weight". Status: Fixed
  94. Version 1.38. Page 203. Should be "for most boards". Status: Fixed
  95. Version 1.38. Page 192. Incorrect figure reference. Status: Fixed
  96. Version 1.38. Page 181. "number_or_forum_participants" should be "number_of_forum_participants". Status: Fixed
  97. Version 1.38. Page 179. Improved first sentence in section 13.2. Status: Fixed
  98. Version 1.38. Page 213. Added full stops in list. Status: Fixed
  99. Version 1.38. Page 209. Added full stops in list. Corrected the list to show two LEDs. Status: Fixed
  100. Version 1.38. Page 214. Improved first sentence in section 17.2. Added the schematic design workflow in page for convenience. Improved 3rd sentence. Status: Fixed
  101. Version 1.38. Page 177. Fixed error in diagram. Status: Fixed.
  102. Version 1.38. Page 231. Added the layout design workflow in page for convenience. Status: Fixed.
  103. Version 1.38. Page 224. Improved first sentence in Step 4. Status: Fixed.
  104. Version 1.38. Page 225. Second sentence, "right" should be "left". Status: Fixed.
  105. Version 1.38. Page 229. "treated and comments" should be "treated as comments". Status: Fixed.
  106. Version 1.38. Page 232. "I reasonable value" should be "A reasonable value". Status: Fixed.
  107. Version 1.38. Page 236. "placement of the footprint" should be "placement of the footprints". Status: Fixed.
  108. Version 1.38. Page 251. Added the schematic design process in-page for convenience. Status: Fixed.
  109. Version 1.38. Page 252. Simplified the first sentence. Status: Fixed.
  110. Version 1.38. Page 256. Corrected figure reference. Status: Fixed.
  111. Version 1.38. Page 257-258. Formatting issues. "Individual" should be "individually". Status: Fixed.
  112. Version 1.38. Page 260. Improved first and second paragraphs. Status: Fixed.
  113. Version 1.38. Page 264. Changed "Build" to "draw". Improved last sentence. Status: Fixed.
  114. Version 1.38. Page 265. Improved formatting of the list. Status: Fixed.
  115. Version 1.38. Page 266. Changed "position" to "place". Status: Fixed.
  116. Version 1.38. Page 266. "Freerouting" should be "FreeRouting". Status: Fixed.
  117. Version 1.38. Page 269. Improved formatting of the list. Improved 2nd last sentence. Status: Fixed.
  118. Version 1.38. Page 270. Missing ")". Improved formatting of the list. Status: Fixed.
  119. Version 1.38. Page 271. Missing ")". Status: Fixed.
  120. Version 1.38. Page 272. Improved formatting of the list. Status: Fixed.
  121. Version 1.38. Page 274. Removed "external" from 2nd paragraph. Fixed table formatting. Status: Fixed.
  122. Version 1.38. Page 276. Inserted process diagrams for convenience. Status: Fixed.
  123. Version 1.38. Page 276. Changed "Peter" to "I". Removed "feel". Status: Fixed.
  124. Version 1.38. Page 276. Simplified first paragraph of Step 1. Status: Fixed.
  125. Version 1.38. Page 277. Change "you" to "I". Status: Fixed.
  126. Version 1.38. Page 279. Improved first sentence of Arrange. Status: Fixed.
  127. Version 1.38. Page 281. Improved sentence below the table. Status: Fixed.
  128. Version 1.38. Page 283. Changed "component" to "symbol". Fixed bullet list formatting. Status: Fixed.
  129. Version 1.38. Page 289. Changed "shorted" to "shorter". Status: Fixed.
  130. Version 1.38. Page 290. Added "still". Status: Fixed.
  131. Version 1.38. Page 294. Changed "save" to "saved". Status: Fixed.
  132. Version 1.38. Page 296. Fixed bullet list formatting. Status: Fixed.
  133. Version 1.38. Page 297. Removed redundant "layers". Status: Fixed.
  134. Version 1.38. Page 298. Fixed bullet list formatting. Added link to project 2. Status: Fixed.
  135. Version 1.38. Page 264. Changed "depends" to "depend". Status: Fixed.
  136. Version 1.38. Page 267. "component" changed to "components". Status: Fixed.
  137. Version 1.38. Page 132. On page 132, the description for figure 9.91 is shown on page 133. Status: Fixed.
  138. Version 1.38. Page 13. Improvements in wording of benefit 4. Benefit 4: changed "CERN because involved " to "CERN & Society Foundation became involved". Status: Fixed.
  139. Version 1.38. Page 76. Figure 8.51: The image show the number 1 for all references instead of the 1, 2, 3... to match the description of the following paragraph. Status: Fixed.
  140. Version 1.39. Page 419. Removed a stray "do" in point 2. Status: Fixed.
  141. Version 1.39. Page 421. Capitalised first letter of bullet points, added missing dots. Status: Fixed.
  142. Version 1.39. Page 422. Fixed formatting issues. Status: Fixed.
  143. Version 1.39. Page 424. Fixed error in checkout command. Status: Fixed.
  144. Version 1.39. Page 425. Improved and corrected issues in first paragraph of Uploading section. Status: Fixed.
  145. Version 1.39. Page 427. "not" should be "now". Status: Fixed.
  146. Version 1.39. Page 420 to 427. Made all typed commands bold to improve readability. Status: Fixed.
  147. Version 1.39. Page 387. Numerous improvements in syntax. Status: Fixed.
  148. Version 1.39. Page 401. Improved explanation of hierarchical sheets. Status: Fixed.
  149. Version 1.39. Page 402. Replaced "component" with "symbol" in middle of page. Changed typo "Do" to "To". Status: Fixed.
  150. Version 1.39. Page 366. Removed "will" from first line. Changed "clipper" and "caliber" to "calliper". Status: Fixed.
  151. Version 1.39. Page 369. Improved header. Status: Fixed.
  152. Version 1.39. Page 371. Added "Pads" header. Status: Fixed.
  153. Version 1.39. Page 372. "dx" should be in italics. Status: Fixed.
  154. Version 1.39. Page 378. Added missing space in Figure 37.20. Status: Fixed.
  155. Version 1.39. Page 351. "component" changed to "symbol." Removed the rest of the sentence. Status: Fixed.
  156. Version 1.39. Page 352. Removed "are essential". Changed "if you" to "to". Restructure the sentence. Status: Fixed.
  157. Version 1.39. Page 354. Added URL to the Wikipedia article. Added missing "Figure". Removed "below". Status: Fixed.
  158. Version 1.39. Page 355. Last sentence, added "look". Status: Fixed.
  159. Version 1.39. Page 357. Just before the figure, changed "Please" to "Place". Status: Fixed.
  160. Version 1.39. Page 309. Improved recipe title. Status: Fixed.
  161. Version 1.39. Page 310. Improved last sentence. Status: Fixed.
  162. Version 1.39. Page 311. Improved recipe title. Status: Fixed.
  163. Version 1.39. Page 312. Removed "manually". Status: Fixed.
  164. Version 1.39. Page 319. Added clarification regarding copper weight. Status: Fixed.
  165. Version 1.39. Page 322. Improved first sentence. Status: Fixed.
  166. Version 1.39. Page 327. Added "and Height". Status: Fixed.
  167. Version 1.39. Page 330. Fixed incorrect figure reference. Status: Fixed.
  168. Version 1.39. Page 333. Added the name of the recipe referenced. Status: Fixed.
  169. Version 1.39. Page 343. Added "90 degree". Status: Fixed.
  170. Version 1.39. Page 344. Added "when you attempt to use the 3D Viewer". Status: Fixed.
  171. Version 1.39. Page 393. Missing "-" in "plug in". Status: Fixed.
  172. Version 1.39. Page 395. "to" should be "at" before "the location". Status: Fixed.
  173. Version 1.39. Page 397. Inserted "if" right after "Second" in last sentence. Status: Fixed.
  174. Version 1.39. Page 398. "If" should be "in" right after figure 42.7. Status: Fixed.
  175. Version 1.39. Page 405. Added "practically" in first sentence. Replaced "wires" with "nets" in sentence before image 44.1. Status: Fixed.
  176. Version 1.39. Page 406. Added "n" in "The" right after figure 44.3. Status: Fixed.
  177. Version 1.39. Page 407. Added missing ")" in last line. Status: Fixed.
  178. Version 1.39. Page 408. Changed "is" with "becomes" in first line. Status: Fixed.
  179. Version 1.39. Page 410. Added "s" in "layout". Status: Fixed.
  180. Version 1.39. Page 412. Removed "next". Status: Fixed.
  181. Version 1.39. Page 413. Added "," after "Now" in first line. Status: Fixed.
  182. Version 1.39. Page 414. Improved first and second sentences. Added missing ")" in last line. Status: Fixed.
  183. Version 1.39. Page 415. Added missing ")" in last line. Status: Fixed.
  184. Version 1.39. Page 416. Added missing ")" in last line. Status: Fixed.
  185. Version 1.39. Page 429. Added missing ")" in last line. Status: Fixed.
  186. Version 1.39. Page 432. Changes "shortcut" to "hotkey". Status: Fixed.
  187. Version 1.39. Page 444. Inserted "named appropriately" after "by creating three branches". Status: Fixed.
  188. Version 1.39. Page 449. Removed "t" from "protot-area". Status: Fixed.
  189. Version 1.39. Page 438. Improved sentence below Figure 50.1. Status: Fixed.
  190. Version 1.39. Page 439. Inserted "and active" next to "new". Status: Fixed.
  191. Version 1.39. Page 451. Inserted ";" below Figure 53.2. Added missing ")" in last line. Status: Fixed.
  192. Version 1.39. Page 453. Added new sentence in the beginning. Added missing ")" in last line. Status: Fixed.
  193. Version 1.39. Page 454. Added new sentence in the end. Status: Fixed.
  194. Version 1.39. Page 455. Removed "installer". Added missing ")". Status: Fixed.
  195. Version 1.39. Page 27. Removed "this company here" from last sentence. Status: Fixed
  196. Version 1.40. Page 209. Replaced "tolerance" with "maximum rated voltage". Status: Fixed
  197. Version 1.40. Page 210. Added URL inline. Status: Fixed
  198. Version 1.40. Page 210. Replaced "smoothened out" with "further stabilised". Status: Fixed
  199. Version 1.40. Page 212. Added URL inline. Status: Fixed
  200. Version 1.40. Page 218. Added missing Figure. Status: Fixed
  201. Version 1.40. Page 218. Added URL inline. Status: Fixed
  202. Version 1.40. Page 222. Improved sentence just before Figure 17.21. Status: Fixed.
  203. Version 1.40. Page 234. Added URL as a footnote. Status: Fixed.
  204. Version 1.40. Page 239. Removed duplicate reference to. Figure 17.55. Added "they" in sentence under the image. Status: Fixed.
  205. Version 1.40. Page 240. Added a footnote to clarify that the Align context menu appears only if multiple footprints are selected. Status: Fixed.
  206. Version 1.40. Page 243. Last sentence, changed "a" to "an". Added reference to Figure 17.62. Status: Fixed.
  207. Version 1.40. Page 245. Re-wrote the sentence under Figure 17.64 to improve it. Status: Fixed.
  208. Version 1.40. Page 257. Added an explanation why we place the pads on the top copper layer. Improved first sentence after the bullet list. Status: Fixed.
  209. Version 1.40. Page 267. "pins 6 and 7" should be "pins "6 and 9". Status: Fixed
  210. Version 1.40. Page 272. Added clarification about the board measurements. Stats: Fixed.
  211. Version 1.40. Page 277. Changed "Peter" to "I". Status: Fixed.
  212. Version 1.40. Page 278. Added URLs as footnotes. Status: Fixed.
  213. Version 1.40. Page 282. Made last sentence bold for emphasis. Status: Fixed.
  214. Version 1.40. Page 287. Improved first sentence. Status: Fixed.
  215. Version 1.40. Page 297. Added missing ")". Status: Fixed.
  216. Version 1.40. Page 287. Fixed incorrect figure numbering. Status: Fixed.
  217. Version 1.40. Page 292. Added chapter number in recipe reference. Status: Fixed.
  218. Version 1.40. Page 78. "Spent" should be "Spend". Status: Fixed
  219. Version 1.40. Page 121. "Whole" should be "hole". Status: Fixed
  220. Version 1.40. Page 146. In Place, "more" should be "move" and "spent" should be "Spend". Status: Fixed.
  221. Version 1.41. Page 78. Changed "t" to "d" in "spent" in paragraph just above "Menu" header. Status: Fixed.
  222. Version 1.42. Page 217. Figure 17.3. Changed bottom Vout label to "Vout-" (from "Vout+"). Status: Fixed.
  223. Version 1.42. Front matter. 1st sentence "Printed circuit boards (PCB)..." "(PCB)" should be "(PCBs)". Status: Fixed.
  224. Version 1.42. Front matter. 2nd paragraph, 2nd sentence "These engineers used to expensive..." Delete the word "to". Status: Fixed.
  225. Version 1.42. Page 1. 6th paragraph, 1st sentence "...there are cases were this..." "were" should be "where". Status: Fixed.
  226. Version 1.42. Page 301. 2nd paragraph, 5th line "Sources like Snepada allow you..." Change "Snepada" to "Snapeda". Status: Fixed.
  227. Version 1.42. Page 303. Paragraph after Figure 20.5, 3rd line "These are all the. Digikey..." Delete the period, should be "These are all the Digikey...". Status: Fixed.
  228. Version 1.42. Page 325. After Figure 28.2, 2nd paragraph, 3rd sentence "Place your mouse course over..." Change "course" to "cursor". Status: Fixed.
  229. Version 1.42. Page 327. After Figure 28.7, 5th line "...into three lines, and you can see..." Change ", and" to "as". Status: Fixed.
  230. Version 1.42. Page 328. Incorrect Figure numbering, 28.8 appears twice. Status: Fixed.
  231. Version 1.42. Page 330. Bottom of page. "I'd like to the height to be..." Delete the first "to".. Status: Fixed.
  232. Version 1.42. Page 331. Paragraph above Figure 29.2, 4th line "Increase of decrease..." Change "of" to "or". Status: Fixed
  233. Version 1.42. Page 331. Paragraph numbered 6, 2nd sentence "...among all your project..." Change "project" to "projects". Status: Fixed
  234. Version 1.42. Page 331. Paragraph numbered 7, 1st sentence "Go in Pcbnew..." Change "in" to "into". Status: Fixed
  235. Version 1.42. Page 355. Added a pointed to Lawrence Joy's articles on the topic of designators. Status: Slightly better than before.
  236. Version 1.42. Page 363. Figure 36.3 "A slightly modified version of the build-in 74HC595 symbol." Change "build-in" to "built-in". Status: Fixed.
  237. Version 1.42. Page 365. Figure 36.5, in the title change "modifier" to "modified". Status: Fixed.
  238. Version 1.42. Page 365. last (bottom) paragraph, 2nd sentence "The example in fig shows...on the right (Figure 36.7)." Change this to "The example in Figure 36.7 shows...on the right.". Status: Fixed.
  239. Version 1.42. Page 367. Last (bottom) paragraph, 1st sentence "...DIP package with 4 pins." Change "4" to "8" or to "4 pins on each side.". Status. Fixed.
  240. Version 1.42. Page 370. Paragraph after Figure 37.4, 2nd sentence "...and 7.62mm width..." should be "...and 7.62 mm width...". Status: Fixed.
  241. Version 1.42. Page 371. Last sentence "...the two lines (Figure 37.7." Add a close parenthesis "...the two lines (Figure 37.7).". Status: Fixed.
  242. Version 1.42. Page 373. Clause 4, last line "...opt to a narrower than a wider footprint." Change to "...opt to a narrower rather than a wider footprint.". Status: Fixed.
  243. Version 1.42. Page 373. Clause 5, 1st sentence "...the pad in pace." Change to "...the pad in place." Status: Fixed.
  244. Version 1.42. Page 373. After Figure 37.9, sentence number 5, "Repeat this processes until..." Change to "Repeat this process until...". Status: Fixed.
  245. Version 1.42. Page 373. Last (bottom) paragraph, 1st sentence " must mouse the mouse..." Change this to " must move the mouse...". Status: Fixed.
  246. Version 1.42. Page 373. Last (bottom) paragraph, 2nd sentence " exactly horizontally across pad 4..." Change to " exactly horizontal across from pad 4...". Status: Fixed.
  247. Version 1.42. Page 376. Paragraph after Figure 37.13, 2nd line at end "...example in Figure 1." This should probably be "...example in Figure 37.14.". Status: Fixed.
  248. Version 1.42. Page 386. At the top, number 2 "Mark the cathode pad with the letter 'C' in the silkscreen." Should use the letter "K" for cathode as the letter 'C' stands for collector. See IEEE 315, Clause 8.4. Added a notice to the reader. Status: Improved.
  249. Version 1.42. Page 392. I prefer using the term "parts list" with abbreviation of "PL" as ANSI/ASME Y14.34 describes. I have added this as a notice. Status: Improved.
  250. Version 1.42. Page 394. Last (bottom) paragraph, 1st sentence "If you are interested in alternative..." Change to "...If you are interested in an alternative...". Status: Fixed.
  251. Version 1.42. Page 421. Paragraph above Figure 47.2, 4th line "...history of one of the project..." Change "project" to "projects". Status: Fixed.
  252. Version 1.42. Page 422. Paragraph after item number 6, 3rd sentence "...or other Debian operating systems use to terminal". This part of the sentence doesn't make sense. What does "use to terminal" mean? Needs clarification. I have re-written this sentence. Status: Fixed.
  253. Version 1.42. Page 424. Last (bottom) paragraph, 2nd sentence "This simply means that you have rewinded your project..." Change "rewinded" to "rewound". Status: Fixed.
  254. Version 1.42. Page 426. At the top, 1st line "This make it possible..." Change "make" to "makes". Status: Fixed.
  255. Version 1.42. Page 428. Last (bottom) paragraph, 2nd sentence "Each of your computer has a ..." Change "computer" to "computers". Status: Fixed.
  256. Version 1.42. Page 457. "chapter.1. Back cover text". Should this be "Chapter 1. Back cover text"?. This is removed. Status: Fixed.
  257. Version 1.42. Page 457. after What is this book about?, 2nd paragraph, 2nd sentence "These engineers used to expensive..." Delete the word "to". Removed. Status: Fixed.
  258. Version 1.44. Page 17. "All of those things were fitted on green boards" should be "All of those things were fitted on small boards". Status: Fixed
  259. Version 1.44. Page 19. "The purple substance that you see" should be "The red substance that you see". Status: Fixed
  260. Version 1.44. page 19, para 5, “If you’re using PCBs that have more than two layers” should be “If you’re using PCBs that have two or more layers”. Status: Fixed
  261. Version 1.44. page 20, para 4, “purple solder mask” should be “red solder mask”. Status: Fixed
  262. Version 1.44. page 21, para 1, add “This makes it easier to solder because the soldering heat won’t be dissipated into the large copper area.”. Status: Fixed
  263. Version 1.44. page 23, para 5, consider adding “PCB manufacturers will supply “design rules” which specify the dimensions and tolerances they can meet. For example, they may require that all traces be a minimum of 5 thousandths of an inch wide.”. Status: Fixed
  264. Version 1.44. page 25, para 5, consider adding “Note that different PCB manufacturers may have different capabilities, and/or they may offer enhanced capabilities for a higher price. If you are designing a complex board with densely packed components, you may want to shop around to find a manufacturer with suitable design rules for your needs.”. Status: Fixed
  265. Version 1.44. page 29, para 1, awkward – perhaps “In Mac OS, the demos are packaged with the software” or maybe “In Mac OS, the demos are packaged with the installer”. Improved this sentence and fixed incorrect Figure reference. Status: Fixed
  266. Version 1.44. page 32, para 2, ‘KiCad_pcb’ should be ‘kicad_pcb’. Also, ‘KiCad_pcd’ is misspelled, and should be ‘kicad_pcb’.. Status: Fixed
  267. Version 1.44. page 34, para 3, “by studying… good schematic diagrams” should be “by studying good schematic diagrams”. Status: Fixed
  268. Version 1.44. page 35, para 1, on Linux, panning is done with the middle mouse button, and the alt key is not used.. Added this clarification. Status: Fixed
  269. Version 1.44. page 36, para 3, add a link “”. Added shortlink. Status: Fixed
  270. Version 1.44. p. 251, figure 18.40 should be renumbered to 18.1. Status: Fixed
  271. Version 1.44. p. 285, two points under "A few additional points to notice:" have wrong style. Status: Fixed
  272. Version 1.44. p. 288, figure 19.18 has wrong text style. Status: Was correct
  273. Version 1.44. p. 295, figure 19.28 is duplicate. (Same figure No. on page 296). Status: Was correct
  274. Version 1.44. p. 296, most likely figure 19.28 has wrong numbering, should be 19.30 and all following figures should increase by one. Status: Fixed
  275. Version 1.44. Indicate the version of KiCad used in the book in the introduction. I have added a mention of the tested version of KiCad (5) in the "How to read this book" page. Status: Fixed.
  276. Version 1.44. page 42, para 1, 2, 5, 6, “KiCad_pcb” should be “kicad_pcb” in four places.. Status: Fixed
  277. Version 1.44. page 42, para 4, “the various files that make the project” should be “the various files that make up the project”. Status: Fixed
  278. Version 1.44. page 42, para 5, “will automatically create a file with the extension ‘.sch’and ‘.KiCad_pcb'” should be “will automatically create two files, one with the extension ‘.sch’ and one with the extension ‘.kicad_pcb'. Status: Fixed
  279. Version 1.44. page 43, para 1, either change “” to “” or just directly reference “”. Status: Short URL verified as correct.
  280. Version 1.44. page 43, para 2, “in two ways” could be “in multiple ways” because you can also use hot keys, like ^E, or just double-click on the file name in the left hand pane, which is actually what I find easiest. Rephrased like this: "You can start Eeschema in multiple ways. Let’s try the most common option." Status: Fixed.
  281. Version 1.44. page 45, para 1, “right-clicking” could just be “clicking”. At least on Linux any mouse button works, but most people will likely use the left mouse button as most software follows that convention.. Status: Fixed
  282. Version 1.44. page 47, para 4, “short just,” should be “short cuts,” Also, your mouse clearly has more than two buttons, so you might just want to say “I use a mouse with”. Rephrased the sentence. Status: Fixed
  283. Version 1.44. page 48, table 8.1, on Linux, you pan with the middle button. alt-right-mouse resizes the whole window, at least using kde. Not sure about gnome…. Status: Fixed
  284. Version 1.44. page 48, para 1, “KiCad on a Mac or inside” could be “KiCad on a Mac, Linux PC or inside”. Status: Fixed
  285. Version 1.44. page 49 and 50, figures 8.7 and 8.8 don’t match the version of KiCad that I am running. I don’t know if this is OS-specific or version specific, but you might want to add a note like “your menus make look a little different
    depending on…”. Added a note about potential differences in menu appearance. Status: Fixed
  286. Version 1.44. page 50, para 4, “via the Schematic Editor Options windows which is” should be “via the Schematic Editor Options windows which are”. Status: Fixed
  287. Version 1.44. page 52, para 3, I recommend removing “, or to any degree” because it could be read as meaning that you can lock to angles other than 90 degrees, which is not the case.. Status: Fixed
  288. Version 1.44. page 53, para 1, “inside the sheet, at type” should be “inside the sheet, and type”. Status: Fixed
  289. Version 1.44. page 53, para 1, “type the escape key to exit wiring more.” should be “type the escape key to exit wiring mode.” Also, the reader may be surprised that their wire disappears when they type escape. You may want to describe double-clicking to end a wire in mid-air.. Fixed, and added a clarification. Status: Fixed
  290. Version 1.44. page 54, para 2, “the toolbar and work focused on my schematic in the sheet relying on the hotkeys” would be clearer as “the toolbar and instead use the hotkeys”. Status: Fixed
  291. Version 1.44. page 55, para 2, right-clicking doesn’t place the component, it opens a context menu. You have to left-click to place the component. Perhaps this is something you have re-mapped?. This should be a left-click (or, just click) Status: Fixed
  292. Version 1.44. page 55, para 3, same issue – say left-click instead of right-click.. Status: Fixed
  293. Version 1.44. page 55, para 4, you have a dangling open parenthesis – you probably want “(button 3 in Figure 8.14).”. Status: Fixed
  294. Version 1.44. page 57, para 3, again right-click should be left-click. I won’t mention this again, but you should do a global search and replace to fix this up.. Did a global search and corrected an additional 3 instances of this error. Status: Fixed
  295. Version 1.44. page 59, para 4, you will have to explain about double-clicking to end a wire in “mid air”.. Status: Fixed
  296. Version 1.44. page 60, para 4, “in the top toolbar” should be “in the right toolbar”. Status: Fixed
  297. Version 1.44. page 60, para 5, “introductory project is the Text button and” should be “introductory project are the Text button and”. Status: Fixed
  298. Version 1.44. page 60, para 5, “These do exactly what their name suggests.” should be “These do exactly what their names suggest.”. Status: Fixed
  299. Version 1.44. page 63, para 3, The hotkey for drawing lines, on Linux at least, is a lower-case ‘i’, not upper-case. This is actually true of hot-keys in general: m for move, g for grab, etc.. Status: Fixed
  300. Version 1.44. page 63, para 4, “would like eventually the box edges” should be “would eventually like the box edges” or just drop the word “eventually” altogether.. Status: Fixed
  301. Version 1.44. page 63, para 6, “The ‘E’ or ‘G’ hotkeys” should be “The ‘E’ and ‘G’ hotkeys”. Status: Fixed
  302. Version 1.44. page 64, table 8.3, item 10 appears to label both the “fit to window” button and the “zoom to selection” button. Please mention both in the table. You probably want a red box around both buttons, like you use for item 11.. Also updated image. Status: Fixed
  303. Version 1.44. page 65, table 8.3, the “edit symbol fields” button is not labelled or mentioned. Perhaps this is intentional?. Added the missing reference. Status: Fixed.
  304. Version 1.44. page 65, para 2, “know how to use (1, 2, 8)” should be “know how to use them (1, 2, 8)”. Status: Fixed
  305. Version 1.44. page 66, para 2, please add “You can resize the panes by placing your mouse over one of the vertical dividing lines, then dragging the line to the left or right using your left mouse button.”. Status: Fixed
  306. Version 1.44. page 66, para 3, please add “You can use the scroll wheel in the right-most pane to change the size of the symbol, but please note that this won’t change its size on your schematic; it only affects the symbol size in the library
    browser.”. Status: Fixed
  307. Version 1.44. page 68, para 2, please add “Click on the Close button to close the dialog.” after the third sentence.. Status: Fixed
  308. Version 1.44. page 70, para 3, “(like the current that comes out and into a battery)” is a little awkward. It could just be “(like the current that comes from a battery)”. Status: Fixed
  309. Version 1.44. page 70, para 4, “marking the wire that is coming out of the 5V and GND symbols as power wires” should be “marking the wires that are coming out of the 5V and GND symbols as power wires”. Status: Fixed
  310. Version 1.44. page 70, para 5, “The symbol choose will” should be “The symbol chooser will”. Status: Fixed
  311. Version 1.44. page 72, para 1, “one possible resistor out of many possible ones” would be better as “one specific physical resistor out of many possible ones”. Status: Fixed
  312. Version 1.44. page 72, para 4, “connects the schematic symbol with the footprints” should be “connects the schematic symbols with the footprints”. Status: Fixed
  313. Version 1.44. page 75, para 3, “to fetch the symbols from their libraries” should be “to fetch the footprints from their libraries”. Status: Fixed
  314. Version 1.44. page 75, para 3, “implement as routes” would be better as “implement as copper tracks”. Status: Fixed
  315. Version 1.44. page 77, para 1, “measure meant” should be “measurement”. Status: Fixed
  316. Version 1.44. page 78, para 5, “top or right toolbar” should be “top and right hand toolbars”. Status: Fixed
  317. Version 1.44. page 78, bullet 1, please delete the parenthetical expression, “(exception: Append Schematic Sheet)” since there are lots of other exceptions.. Status: Fixed
  318. Version 1.44. page 78, last para, This should be deleted, as it duplicates what you said just above the bullet lists.. Status: Fixed
  319. Version 1.44. page 30 (PDF v1.43 Page 39) it is written: “The default location of the KiCad demos in Windows is at C:KiCadsharedemos”. The path should be C:\Program Files\KiCad\share\kicad\demos. Status: Fixed
  320. Version 1.44. Project 3. Incorrect wiring in the addressing pins of the EEPROM modules. Status: Fixed project and updated Github. Pending update of book. Book updated. Hi-res PDF of the schematic also updated.
  321. Version 1.44. p20, end of 5th para: “But I do plan to bigger and better boards”. Changed to "But I do plan to design bigger and better boards." . Status: Fixed
  322. Version 1.44. p21, para 4: “and differential routing professional-grade” shouldn’t that be “professional-grade differential routing”? Status: Fixed.
  323. Version 1.44. p21, para 5: “Especially since CERN because involved” that should be “Especially since CERN became involved” Status: Fixed
  324. Version 1.44. p22, para 10, last line: Spice instead of SPICE. Status: Fixed
  325. Version 1.44. p23, para 3: “green boards like the one in Fig 1.1.” Fig. 1.1 has a purple board. Status: Fixed
  326. Version 1.44. p26, para 2 & p27, para 1: “purple” the illustrations have red solder mask. Status: Fixed
  327. Version 1.44. p40, para 1: “Alt+right to pan” it’s middle button to pan (on Windows at least). Linux is the same. Status: Fixed.
  328. Version 1.45. page 11 : Raspberry Pi HAR -> Raspberry Pi HAT. Status: Fixed.
  329. Version 1.45. page 333: Image reference not rendered properly. Status: Fixed.
  330. Version 1.45. Page 133: Content incorrectly formatted with blank pages. Status: Fixed.
  331. Version 1.45. Page 259: Project 2, added notice alerting the reader to the use of the Connector_PinHeader_2.54mm advising them to consider using PinSocket_2x08_P2.54mm_Vertical in order to achieve a match with the Raspberry Pi header. Status: Fixed.
  332. Version 1.46. p11 footnote “to an extent” not “to an extend”. Status: Fixed
  333. Version 1.46. p29 Typically, PCBs are made of fiberglass. (delete second comma). Status: Fixed
  334. Version 1.46. p30 Legend pushed to next page and starts “A details”. Status: Fixed
  335. Version 1.46. p37 line 2 “Its sources code is also …”. Status: Fixed
  336. Version 1.46. p54 Legend pushed to next page and it’s instead of its. Status: Fixed
  337. Version 1.46. p96 it’s orientation rather than its orientation. Status: Fixed
  338. Version 1.46. p126 “ad hoc” not “ad hock”. Status: Fixed
  339. Version 1.46. p184 Figure 12.13 Legend is incorrect; there are four PCBs. Status: Fixed
  340. Version 1.46. p221 The voltage from this mains power supply is taken trough rather than through. Status: Fixed
  341. Version 1.46. p4, "If you an error you have found", First “you” is extraneous. Status: Fixed
  342. Version 1.46, p4, "... email list, your’ll be sure to receive" should be "... email list, you’ll be sure to receive". Status: Fixed
  343. Version 1.46, p400, "... connect to nets that exist in the root sheet. Do do that, you must use ...", should be "To Do that". Status: Already fixed in a previous version.
  344. Version 1.50, p306, link to the Digikey website is dead. Status: Fixed.
  345. Version 1.50, additions and improvements:
    1. Update: Custom Global Design Rules (KiCad 5.1 no longer has this item)
    2. Update: Create custom net design rules (KiCad 5.1 change) 
    3. Fix: Project 1 and 2, schematic design, values added in symbols in Step 2.
    4. Fix: Project 3, 10K SDA pull-up resistor
    5. New chapter in Part 2: Main differences between KiCad 5.0 and 5.1
    6. New recipe: How to change text and graphic properties in bulk (Pcbnew)
    7. New recipe: How to import symbols, footprints and 3D shapes from
    8. New recipe: How to import a 3D shape from
    9. New recipe: How to change footprint in Pcbnew and back-import footprint symbol associations to Eeschema
    10. New Part 6: Content by external authors
      1. What is the meaning of the layers in Pcbnew and in the footprint editor? (by Rene Pöschl)
      2. Power pins in multi unit symbols (by Marc Nijdam)
  346. Version 1.50.1, in the PDF version only, incorrect blank pages 52 and 61 caused by errors in exporting, Status: Fixed.
  347. Version 1.51. Part 6, p. 511, Missing article in sentence: "This is way which can be found in the KLC.". Please add "the" as in: "This is the way which can be found in the KLC.". Status: Fixed
  348. Version 1.51. p 283, at top of page, bullet #11, "(PSI)" should be "(SPI)". Status: FIXED
  349. Version 1.51.Figure 1.1 and Page 17 : Figure 1.1. There is 2 different figure with the same number . Status: FIXED
  350. Page 53 : paragraph just before section 8.3 "Beware that these menus in Figure 8.7 and 8.8 may look different to your ..."  It should be "to yours" and there is 2 spaces between to and yours. Status: FIXED
  351. Version 1.51.Page 55 : references to button number figure on this page: "Buttons marked 2 and 3 in Figure 8.1 ...", "Button 5 in Figure 8.1 ...", "Finally, button 6 in Figure 8.1 ...". Those 3 references button number talk about Figure 8.1 when it should be Figure 8.9 . Status: FIXED
  352. Version 1.51.Page 62 : caption in Figure 8.23.  "Notice orientation restrictions are off". Actually the restrictions to 90 degree angles are on. Status: FIXED
  353. Version 1.51.Page 65 : first paragraph. "When you have the new text in position, right-click ...". Should be left-click. Status: FIXED
  354. Version 1.51.Page 70 : before last paragraph there is a spurious line break between library and browser. Status: FIXED
  355. Version 1.51.Page 76 : last sentence before last paragraph. "Click on any other library in the left pane, and you will notice that the list in the right pane doesn't change." Changed in KiCad v5.1.5 : click on left pane automatically activate the library filter. Status: FIXED
  356. Version 1.51.Page 78 : paragraph before Create the Netlist file. "You can either click on the disk button in the left of the Cvpcb toolbar or type Ctrl+S". Changed in KiCad v5.1.5 : there's no save icon on toolbar, there's big buttons on the dialog. Status: Pending
  357. Version 1.51.Page 300 : Figure 19.22 and Page 303 : Figure 19.22. Duplicate figure number. Actually the figure at Page 300 is mis-numbered and included between figure 19.18 (preceding page) and figure 19.19 (following page). Status: FIXED
  358. Version 1.51. "About Tech Explorations". "something the led him to study electrical and electronics engineering in University". Status: FIXED
  359. Version 1.51. Page 16. "integrated circus" should be "integrated circuits". Status: FIXED
  360. Version 1.51. Page 102. "single rattiest line" should be "single ratnest line". Status: FIXED
  361. Version 1.51. Page 158. "4 or more lairs" should be "4 or more layers". Status: FIXED
  362. Version 1.51. Page 64. "see the the text" should be "see the the text". Status: FIXED
  363. Version 1.51. Page 223. "In same cased" should be "In similar cased". Status: FIXED
  364. Version 1.51. Page 231. "pin 1 and pin 3" should be "pin 1 and pin 2". Status: FIXED
  365. Version 1.51. Page 239. "all the default setting" should be "all the default settings". Status: FIXED
  366. Version 1.51. Page 266. "possible to attached components" should be "possible to attach components". Status: FIXED
  367. Version 1.51. Page 254. "look like in the example in Fig. ??", Fig needs a number, and remover "in". Status: FIXED
  368. Version 1.51. Page 254. "3D rendering of the read of the board" should be "3D rendering of the back of the board". Status: FIXED
  369. Version 1.51. Page 348. "11.6 m" should be "11.6 mm". Status: FIXED
  370. Version 1.51. Page 217.  "outlined in Figure 17.1" should be "outlined in Figure 17.7". Status: FIXED
  371. Version 1.51. Page 256.  "Figure 17.75" there is no Figure 17.75. there is 17.74 and 17.76. Status: FIXED
  372. Version 1.51. Page 213.  "What you will built" should be "What you will build". Status: FIXED
  373. Version 1.51. Page 259.  "What you will built" should be "What you will build". Status: FIXED
  374. Version 1.51. Page 285.  "built-in" should be "What you will build-in". Status: FIXED
  375. Version 1.51. Page 285.  "sheets" should be "sheet". Status: FIXED

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