Errata & Resources for Kicad Like a Pro 3e

Use this page to report a bug in the video course or eBook, and get full-resolution images, illustrations, project and final schematics.

Photos and schematics

You can find all photos, screenshots and illustrations from the book in this Google Photos album: 

KiCad Like a Pro 3e illustrations

Click the links below to get a high-resolution PNGs of course and eBook illustrations. These files are hosted on Github.

KiCad projects, complete

I have published all course and book projects on Github. I keep those repositories up-to-date and there may be differences with what you see in the book and course. When you notice a difference between a schematic or layout between the book/course and the Github repository, you can safely assume that the version on Github is more recent and correct.

Errata and bug reporting

Found a problem in the book? Typos, incorrect figure numbers, factual mistakes? 

Please let us know by completing this form.

Page numbers refer to the PDF version of the book.

Following is a list of known and fixed bugs:

Reported problems and fix status

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