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Drip-fed instructions and activities

Learning is not a race.  Our KLS curriculum is served in a sustainable, steady pace to help promote deep learning.

Test your knowledge

Weekly quizzes help reinforce learning and provide the student with positive reinforcement. Numbers do not lie. 

Learn by doing

Mini-projects challenge the student to apply what they have just learned. Success leaves a trail, and a trail of successful projects can create a powerful growth mindset. 

Supported by Mentors

Learning is social and collaborative. Our mentors are ready to help, whether in individual coaching sessions, group sessions, our Help Desk, or our closed Facebook KLS group. 

Arduino Step by Step Getting Started for the KLS

This is the first course in the Kids Learning Space. Through the use of the Arduino as an educational tool, this course will help the student develop both technical and mindset competencies. 

The student will learn programming and computational thinking, electronics design, analytical thinking, and will understand the importance of problem solving, thinking like an inventor and developing a "can-do" attitude.

This course is suitable for students over 11 years of age, who are able to use a computer independently, or with assistance available nearby, possessing a thirst for technological/technical knowledge, and a drive for making things..

This course is aligned with the Australian Digital Curriculum.

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