​How to upgrade your course

​Many of our students purchase our courses through our partners, such as Udemy and StackCommerce. Most courses are identical, no matter where you purchase them from. ​

Some of our courses, ​have content that is only available on the Tech Explor​ations ​web site. In general, these courses are more expensive on our website to partially compensate for their increased production and support cost.

You can find more information about ​the differences between our courses and student support on the Tech Explorations web site and our partners here.

After many students inquired how to upgrade their course and access it on the Tech Explorations website, we have formalized the process so that it is easy and fast. 

​Upgrade is ​a manual process. We ask that you provide us with information of your original purchase from one of our partners that is at least 30 days ​old when you make the request. ​We will email you a special discount coupon so you can purchase the course at an discounted upgrade price. We ask for this payment on principle of fairness: students that purchase our courses on our web site pay a higher price compared to when students pay ​elsewhere in return for additional content and fanatical support.

​* At the moment, only ​specific courses are available for an upgrade.

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