Peter’s Flight School Log 

 September 29, 2023

By  Peter

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I’m training to be a pilot and publishing all my learnings and experiences in my Flight Log.

In full detail, text, audio, video, photos, charts.

Including hard landings, radio call bloopers, and weather report decoding tips.

I have joined Scouts and volunteered at the Scout Air Activities Center in Camden, New South Wales, Australia. The rest of my family are already Scouts, so the decision was simple. I am extremely fortunate to combine my passion for aviation with the principles of Scouting, which encompasses community involvement, learning by doing and respect for nature.

Also noticeable is that the motto of Scouts Australia is “Be Prepared”, which ties very well with the general aviation mindset.

I have now accumulated a grand total of 11 flight hours. I have documented, in detail, all of them and will continue to do so until I get (I hope) my private pilot’s license.

I will use text, video and photos to document my experiences for every lesson and share them with you on a dedicated part of the Tech Explorations website. These are my public log pages.

A page from my flight log.

My logs cover every detail I encounter as I try to absorb an avalanche of new information before, during, and after every flight. From aerodynamics to aviation engines, law, radio, air-traffic control, checklists and air law, working towards a pilot’s license is a serious undertaking, especially for people of more “mature” age. I feel like I did in my first few weeks of engineering school, like I am starting something big again.

On every log page, I document my learnings. What deficiencies will I need to fix, what new elements I learned, procedures, weather and meteorology, feedback from Greg and Davide (my flight instructors), and much more? Every log also has a full-flight video to see everything I did during the flight.

I hope that my flight log will interest anyone interested in aviation or who is already a student pilot. If you choose to follow my aviation adventure, you will see me, a total newbie, go through the syllabus one step at a time. To the best of my knowledge, nothing is comparable on the Internet. While you will find plenty of instructional videos, you will not find a record of a complete journey from zero to pilot.

I invite you to follow my flying adventures by reading my flight logs. I appreciate any comments you leave behind and encourage you to share my logs with anyone you think might be interested in following my journey.

Safe landings!



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