ESP32 IoT project update 4 

 March 12, 2019

By  Peter

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Today I received my ESP32 Devkit breakout from PCBWay (thank you to them for their support).

I designed this breakout because I needed an easy, jumper wire-free, way to connect my ESP32 development board to the peripherals of my project:

  • The TFT touchscreen,
  • The BME280 sensor,
  • A couple of indicator LEDs

I also wanted to make it easier to use the rest of the GPIOs. The GPIOs on the devkit are so packed together that I have to use a magnifying glass to see what I’m doing.

This board is supposed to help me with my experiments.

And it did!

Even though this first version is a bit… buggy, it already works much better that the breadboard.

I will start work on version 1.1 to fix the problems I found, the result of being in a rush to get this done (note to self: isn’t being in a hurry the cause of so many problems)?

In the video, I demonstrate the breakout and point out the problems I’m going to fix.

I’m also going to adjust the software so that it can detect the presence of the touchscreen controller. If touchscreen is not available, it will not show the touch coordinates on the TFT.

Any suggestions for features on the board are welcome. I will publish the KiCad files when I’m happy with it.

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