KiCad Like a Pro 3e – updated for KiCad 7 

 May 18, 2023

By  Peter

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I’m excited to announce that KiCad Like a Pro 3rd edition (both the eBook and the video course) is now updated for KiCad 7.

I’ve taken great care to ensure that every example, description, and procedure in this KiCad Like a Pro 3e update works seamlessly with the latest version of KiCad. But more than just updating existing content, I’ve introduced new chapters and lectures dedicated to the new and updated features of KiCad 7!

If you’re new to KiCad or PCB design, KiCad Like a Pro is an excellent resource. I’ve structured the course and its companion eBook so you can start with the fundamental principles and gradually build your skill with the projects later in the guide.

For those with a strong foundation in PCB design but new to KiCad, you can dive straight into the KiCad fundamentals in the middle of the book, then tackle the hands-on projects I’ve meticulously planned and executed.

KiCad 7 has a much-improved footprint pack & move feature.

The video course, complementing the eBook, offers over 30 hours of high-definition content where I provide detailed explanations and demonstrations of all the projects featured in the book.

The eBook spans over 1,000 pages and is generously illustrated with over 1,000 images and screenshots. It provides step-by-step instructions for every lecture in the video course. Depending on your needs, it’s designed to be a quick reference source and a detailed learning guide.

By engaging with this course, you’ll gain a range of practical skills, from understanding the basics of PCB design to creating complex, multi-layer boards. The real-life projects will allow you to apply your newly acquired knowledge!

The eBook and video course can be used independently or together. It is really up to you and your unique learning style.

So, are you ready to master KiCad 7 with “KiCad Like a Pro 3rd edition?” Let’s embark on this exciting journey into the world of PCB design together.

If you have already purchased your copy of KiCad Like a Pro 3e, download the latest version of the eBook from your Downloads page, and access the new video content from your Courses page.

For more information, including a full table of contents for the eBook and a curriculum for the video course, please go to the KiCad Like a Pro 3e page.


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