MicroPython with the ESP32 – Course updated 

 June 22, 2022

By  Peter

We have updated MicroPython With the ESP32 to ensure that it is compatible with Thonny 4 and MicroPython 1.18.

We have introduced new lectures to show you how to install and use Thonny 4, and how to upgrade your ESP32 devkit and Raspberry Pi Pico boards to use the MicroPython 1.18 firmware.

We have also tested all experiments to ensure that they work with these versions of Thonny and MicroPython.

At the time of writing, Thonny 4 is in beta (pre-release) but is stable enough to allow for testing and evaluation. I was confident enough to go ahead with the course update based on the Thonny 4 beta.

I also did comprehensive testing using MicroPython 1.18, a stable release. Minor stable updates of the MicroPython firmware (such as from version 1.17 to 1.18 etc.) are very unlikely to break any functionality. They contain bug fixes and performance improvements that should make your MicroPython code work better.

The new lectures in this course update show you how to update your Thonny editor and MicroPython firmware to the latest available, so that you are always working with the latest software.

To learn more about this course, please checkout the course page.


Course update, MicroPython

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