Communication and Leadership Skills in STEM 

 September 1, 2023

By  Peter

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Hi everyone!

I’m pleased to announce that we have published a new podcast episode.

In this episode, I discuss the importance of communication and leadership skills in STEM fields with Ahmad J. Burse.

Ahmad is a veteran in leadership roles across the military and federal government sectors. With over 30 years of experience under his belt, Ahmad has developed expertise in fostering communication skills and leadership development in the STEM community. What distinguishes Ahmad is his emphasis on the importance of soft skills in complementing technical proficiency, stressing that to make a mark, especially in STEM, individuals need to go beyond simply being good at their job and become leaders.

During his conversation with Peter, Ahmad shares how his military experience shaped his understanding of these skills and his approach to developing them. He also covers practical exercises for technical professionals who struggle with communication, how introverts can learn communication skills and the significance of leadership in STEM. Peter and Ahmad also explore the essence of leadership and the opportunities available for developing leadership in a STEM environment.

Finally, Ahmad Burse offers advice to our listeners (go to the podcast page to find out what it is!).


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