New Tech Explorations podcast: David Beamonte discusses Cloud Computing and IoT 

 December 15, 2022

By  Peter

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We have just published a new Tech Explorations podcast episode.

In this episode, I talk with David Beamonte, Arduino’s Cloud product manager.

David’s current position and earlier career give him a unique perspective to talk to us about Cloud computing and IoT.

David worked for over 20 years as an embedded software developer and Engineering Manager for the electronics vendor TELNET Redes Inteligentes, specialising in fibre optic and IoT devices. Later, David worked as a Product Manager for IoT and embedded products at Canonical, mainly focused on driving Ubuntu Core and EdgeX.

In August 2022, David joined Arduino as a Product Manager, where he is responsible for the Arduino Cloud.

In our discussion, we talked about Arduino’s Cloud products (including the newly-released Machine Learning Tools which I find very interesting).

Most of our discussion is dedicated to discussing the bigger issues in Cloud computing and IoT, including how these technologies influence changes in the industry, business, education and the home.

I invite you to watch, listen and read my discussion with David (the full transcript is included):


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