[New podcast episode] Jacob Strickling: Inspiring the Next Generation of Scientists through Practical Learning Experiences 

 July 13, 2023

By  Peter

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In this episode of the Tech Explorations podcast, Dr Peter Dalmaris talks with Jacob Strickling, a mechanical engineer and science educator who founded Make Science Fun and Tiny Science Lab. These organizations offer hands-on, practical experiences and accessible science equipment to students of all ages. During the pandemic, Jacob’s online chemistry labs made science fun and inspirational for students.

Jacob started “Make Science Fun” and “Tiny Science Lab” to provide accessible science equipment and practical learning experiences to students. He believes that the first step to learning science is to engage students, and he achieves this through his YouTube channel and Tiny Science Lab. His approach to teaching science engages students through hands-on exploration and play, followed by brief descriptions of experiments and concepts. This approach inspires students to learn and do well in science.


experiments, Science, STEM

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