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New Course! Raspberry Pi Full Stack Raspbian 

 March 21, 2018

By  Peter

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I have just published a brand new course called “Raspberry Pi Full Stack Raspbian“. The new course is a remake of the original Raspberry Pi Full Stack. Since publishing this course, almost four years ago, technology has moved on enough to warrant a remake.

In Raspberry Pi Full Stack Raspbian, I show you how to build the same environment monitor app from the ground up using Raspbian Lite (instead of Minibian), Python 3 (instead of Python 2), Systemd (instead of Upstart). I have updated all other technologies in the stack with the latest available.

I have also added additional content, reorganised the Github repository, and plan to use this course as a platform to publish new lectures over time.

All this meant that there was a lot of content I had to create, so instead of updating the original course, I decided to create a new one.

I invite you to watch the promotional video that summarises Raspberry Pi Full Stack Raspbian, and the free lectures in the first section of the course that contain a lot of additional details.

You can enrol for just US$25 (a 50% discount on its regular price) using the coupon E83ML227, or just follow this link to go to the course page. This coupon is valid until April 12, 2018 (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

Happy Making!



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