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Raspberry Pi Full Stack eBook updated 

 August 19, 2022

By  Peter

Last week, I announced the update of the video course version of Raspberry Pi Full Stack.

This week, I’m glad to say, the eBook update is also complete 🙂

The Raspberry Pi Full Stack eBook update brings the new content in a new Part at the end of the book, with various small additions and corrections throughout.

The new part contains eight new chapters:

  • Part 20: Update August 2022
    • Introduction to the application update
    • Backup and update apt packages
    • Update system to Python 3.8.13
    • Update Python Virtual Environment to 3.8.13
    • Update application Python modules
    • Update the RF24 driver
    • Update JavaScript, JavaScript libraries, and other assets
    • Testing and final fixes

The eBook update follows (mostly) the format and sequence of the video course, with small adaptations that are appropriate for the medium.

If you have purchased this eBook in the past, you can find the latest updated version in your Downloads page.

If you’d like to enroll now, please go to the Raspberry Pi Full Stack course & eBook page where you will find a detailed description of Raspberry Pi Full Stack, including sample videos, curriculum, and table of contents.


Course update

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