Maker Mind Meld Summit Day 4, starting now 

 December 10, 2019

By  Peter

Welcome to Day 4 of the Maker Mind Meld Summit.

Today is PACKED with 6 incredible presentations.

The theme of the day is “Tech you should know about”.

To watch the Day 4 presentations you will need to get your free ticket.

Free tickets are only available between December 7 and December 13.

Here’s a list of presenters and their topics:

Dr Simon Monk – A close look at the BBC micro:bit

Simon Monk is a veteran Engineer, Maker and Author that invites you to take a close look at the BBC micro:bit.

This device is a favourite in Education, but also packs a lot of power, ease of use and versatility that Makers will surely appreciate.

In his Masterclass, Simon will show you how to program the micro:bit using Python and MakeCode, and make use of its build-in sensors, display and radio hardware.

Dr Karsten Schulz – Learn how to build a microprocessor

Dr Karsten Schulz, Principal Engineer at Digital Technologies Institute, will describe the critical components of a computer processor, and demonstrate how to build a simple microprocessor through a series of live experiments.

Richard Kolk – Visual coding is not just for kids. Engineers use it to build high-stakes control systems.

Richard Kolk is a Chief Technical Specialist at Altair.

He used model-based design methodologies to build automatic control systems at Boeing, and now at Altair.

With model-based design, Richard models system dynamics to develop control systems for critical systems in automotive and aerospace.

He will show you how to use it to develop two tracking control systems for a simple wheeled robot.

Jason Long – Embedded design principles and guidelines

Jason Long is an Electrical Engineer, and has designed and worked with products ranging from GPS tracking devices to military communications systems.

His passion is designing embedded systems, particularly based around the ARM Cortex-M processor, and in this session he will show you how it’s done.

Benoît Blanchon – Serialization and JSON through the eyes of a software craftsman

Benoît Blanchon is a software craftsman and author that has written one of the most popular Arduino library, and the #1 JSON library for the Arduino.

Thanks to his contributions, our gadgets can talk to the Cloud and each other with speed and efficiency, and without having to use any cryptic and scary C++ code.

Benoît will show you how to use JSON in your sketches, and even demonstrate programming practices that will make you a better programmer.

Jordan Christman – Getting Started with FPGAs

Jordan specialises in Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA, in short) development, Digital Electronics, Circuit Board design, VHDL design and modelling of hardware systems.

In this presentation, will introduce us to FPGAs, explain the kinds of applications that they are best used for, how they can work along side microprocessors and microcontrollers, and give us an example of how to program them.

This is a practical presentation, in which Jordan will will show us how to get started, as well as recommend which makes and models of FPGA and programming tools are most suitable for beginners.

Remember to watch the videos quickly because they’re only available for 24 hours before they go in the Maker Mind Meld Vault.

You can still get lifetime access to ALL sessions with the Maker Mind Meld Full Access Pass (details here).

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See you in today’s sessions!

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