Maker Mind Meld Summit Day 7, Starting Now 

 December 13, 2019

By  Peter

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Are you ready for the final day of the Maker Mind Meld Summit?

Today’s presentations are dedicated to wood and plastic.

Thousands of people have signed up for the first ever Maker Mind Meld Summit to learn new skills that they can use in their projects, and become the best Makers they can possibly be.

Our speakers are amazing, and they hold nothing back because they genuinely believe that part of their mission as Makers is to share their knowledge with as many people as possible.

Our Speakers will show you how they use these materials to create their own magic, and hope to inspire you to consider using wood and plastic in your own making.

To watch the Day 7 presentations you will need to get your free ticket.

Free tickets are only available between December 7 and December 13.

Here are the details of today’s presentations:

Norman Pirollo – How to make a Japanese Kumiko panel

Norman Pirollo is a Furniture Designer and Maker, who has an unusual story: he chose to work with wood, instead of electrons.

After a long career in the high-tech industry, he became an artisan, and begun to create unique, contemporary styled furniture.

His presentation is a true Masterclass in which he will show you how to create a Japanese Kumiko panel using simple tools and raw materials.

This is a kind of Making that most of us are not used too, and guarantees to leave you with a sense of Zen.

To watch Norman’s presentation, go to the registration page to get your free ticket. Once you register, we’ll send you an email with the links to today’s presentations, as well as those for the days that follow.

Vladimir Mariano – Draw your first printable 3D model in less than 60 minutes, in Fusion 360

Vladimir Mariano is a 3D design and printing instructor, specializing in teaching 3D printing, 3D design, electronics, programming, and using Fusion 360.

3D design and printing are already core skills for any Maker, and Vladimir will show you how easy it is to get started and create something useful and beautiful in this Masterclass.

3D printing and design software are mature and ready to turn your imagination into precisely placed plastic.

To watch Vladimir’s presentation, go to the registration page to get your free ticket. Once you register, we’ll send you an email with the links to today’s presentations, as well as those for the days that follow.

Remember to watch the videos quickly because they’re only available for 24 hours before they go in the Maker Mind Meld Vault.

You can still get lifetime access to ALL sessions with the Maker Mind Meld Full Access Pass (details here).

You can view the full Maker Mind Meld schedule and add the the sessions you’d like to attend to your calendar so you don’t miss out.

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Did you enjoy the Maker Mind Meld Summit? What can we improve next time?

We have done our best to put together an outstanding event, but there’s always room for improvement.

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See you in today’s sessions!

Host, Maker Mind Meld Summit


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