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KiCad Like a Pro, 3rd edition

A book and video course for the world's favorite open source printed circuit board design software.
Re-recorded and re-written for KiCad 6.0.

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Our courses are designed to be detailed, comprehensive, and descriptive. Learn new skills that specifically apply to your projects.

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Arduino Bootcamp for Teachers

STEM teachers need specialized, fast-paced training, suitable for demanding classrooms, maker spaces, or other group learning environments.

Our Arduino Bootcamp for teachers is designed to train teachers so that they can be a confident and competent mentor to their students. Our Bootcamp instructor will work with you to design your customized training schedule and then help you achieve mastery of the curriculum.

Take this knowledge and our curriculum and classroom resources and teach your students.

Here are some of our courses

Arduino Step by Step
Getting Started

The original comprehensive course designed for new Arduino Makers. It will teach you how to use the Arduino and learn about electronics and programming. We designed this course for people just starting now. It's the perfect start for the new Arduino Maker.

Arduino Step by Step
Getting Serious

Tech Explorations Arduino intermediate level

Create Arduino gadgets that can communicate, move, interact, measure and detect. This course picks up where Arduino Step by Step Getting Started left off and shows you how to use dozens of external components and advanced build-in features.

Raspberry Pi Full Stack Raspbian

Raspberry Pi: Full Stack is a comprehensive project course that will teach you how to build a modern Internet-of-Things application that includes a local web server application written in Python and JavaScript, sensors, buttons and LEDs, and online Cloud services like If This Then That, Google Sheets, Google Charts, and Plotly.

ESP32 For Busy People

Use this powerful microcontroller to turbo-charge your Arduino projects. If you are already using the Arduino in your projects, then you'll love what the ESP32 can do. This course will help you get up and running with the ESP32 quickly.

ESP32 Unleashed

Take the ESP32 Devkit, add powerful development tools, Cloud services and make an amazing Internet of Things gadget. Learn PlatformIO with VS Code, AdafruitIO, IFTTT and Google Assistant to deliver an exciting connected gadget.

KiCad Like a Pro, 3e

Learn the world's favorite open-source PCB design tool with the world's most comprehensive course and eBook. Learn to use KiCad to design multi-layer PCBs with highly integrated components and a professional-looking finish.