Tech Explorations Summit
Speaker information pack

Are you interested in being a Speaker in the first ever Tech Explorations Summit?


This page contains all the information you will need to get started, prepare, and deliver an incredible learning experience for our attendees. 

Before you continue, please watch this "Thank you" and orientation video.


What is this summit about?

This summit is an opportunity for Makers and Educators to come together and present their work and learn from each other. 

The objectives of the Summit are:

  1. 1
    To introduce attendees to practical skills and technologies relevant to their interests (see Who is the target audience for more information on the attendees).
  2. 2
    To highlight and promote the work of Makers and Educators who are Speakers in the event.
  3. 3
    To help create a world-wide community of Makers and Educators who will continue to learn from each other and support each other after the Summit is finished.

Why is this summit important?

Our motto is:

"Make the change you want to see in the World".

Yes, you have probably heard of the original variant "Be the change you want to see in the world.".

Makers are about using their learnings to create things that enhance their lives in some way (solving problems, having fun).

Makers also impact others through the things they create and their way they live their lives. Makers are self-driven, hungry for new technical and scientific knowledge, and relentless problem solvers.

Through this Summit, we want to give Makers from around the world to learn from each other, inspire each other, and get to know each other without any geographical and financial limitations.

How does it work?

The Tech Explorations Summit operates as a "virtual summit". A virtual summit is like a traditional conference, but instead of running in a physical conference center where attendees have to travel to, it runs online and is accessed by the attendees using an Internet connected computer.

Attendees will register for a ticket. This ticket is free, and allows the attendee to access the broadcast of the Summit presentations via a special URL. Registration is required in order to plan and provide sufficient resources for the video livestream. The software that handles this aspect of the Summit has a maximum capacity. Knowing how many attendees are likely to need access to the livestream will enable us to ensure that sufficient capacity will be provided.

Speakers will record their presentations ahead of the Summit. This way we can avoid last minute technical or otherwise glitches that can cause problems to a live event. The recorded videos will be broadcasted to the registered attendees on schedule.

Speakers must record their presentations at least 3 weeks prior to the start of the Summit. This will provide the Summit team enough time to edit and setup the livestream.

When will it take place?

(This is to be confirmed) The tentative date of the Tech Explorations Summit is set for Saturday, December 7, 2019.

Its duration will be two days.


How many speakers will there be?

(This is to be confirmed) We are planning to have 12 Speakers.

The talks will take place over two days.

There will be two sessions per day, and three talks per session.

12 speakers

2 days

2 sessions/day

3 talks/session

Where will it take place?

On the Web! 

A virtual Summit is a conference that takes place online. Instead of travelling to a conference centre, attendees can simply get a cup of coffee, block out a couple of days at home, and sit in front of their computer to watch and participate in the conference presentations.

Who is the target audience?

The Summit target audience consists of people who self-identify as Makers.

This is a diverse group of people with a wide range of ages, educational and professional background. They come from all over the world. Makers also have diverse special interests and like to create things using electronics, plastic, wood and metal, as well as programming languages and the Internet of Things.

Within the wide group of people we call "Makers", we can identify are three special and relatively homogenous subgroups:

  1. 1
    STEM Teachers, who have the aforementioned special interests, but are also educators themselves, with the responsibility of teaching others. For them, Making and Teaching overlap.
  2. 2
    STEM Students, who are naturally Makers, but also have a more formal engagement with Making activities through their educational institution programs.
  3. 3
    Engineers, or people with a technical professional background, who like to make things in their spare time but are also employed in some capacity in a relevant field.

How much will it cost to attend?

Attendees can register and attend the Summit live for free. 

If attendees wish to re-watch the presentations after the end of the Summit, they will need to purchase a Full Access pass.

A Full Access pass entitles the customer to access all presentation videos, with no expiry. Full Access privileges also contain bonuses and special offers that are not available to free-view attendees.

$0 Livestream

$25 Full Access

Speaker FAQ

Why should you be a speaker?

Here's a list of the benefits that you, as a Speaker in the Tech Explorations Summit, should know:

  1. 1
    This Summit will expose you to thousands of people who are interested in what you have to say and teach. If you are operating a blog, website, ecommerce site, Youtube channel, online school, write books, or are an online instructors, then this Summit can be a source of new traffic for your work outside of the Summit.
  2. 2
    The Summit gives you the opportunity to provide a lot of value to the participants during and after it has finished. See "How can you provide a lot of value to the participants?" below for more information.
  3. 3
    You become part of a small community of leaders in the Maker and Education space. You can build relations with other speakers that can pave the way for future collaborations and projects. The networking effect is, after all, one of the most powerful reasons why conferences exist.
  4. 4
    You can add your status as a Speaker in the Tech Explorations Summit in your bio. List it on LinkedIn and your CV. If you have not had the opportunity to speak at this kind of event in the past, then this experience will be extremely useful to build up your Speaker credentials.

One of the most powerful human needs is to leave a trail of good work behind, and help people.

This Summit is an opportunity for you to leave behind another bit of good work in your life's trail and be a positive influencer for thousands of people.

Beyond this fundamental "why", there are several concrete reasons for being part of this Summit. Find these reasons listed below.

Why should you be a Speaker in this Summit?

Being a speaker in a conference, and in particular in an online Summit, brings you, the Speaker, important benefits. 

In no specific order:

1. You will reach a new audience.

2. You will be promoted as an authority in your field.

3. You will be seen as a leader in your field

5. You will have the opportunity to promote your products or services to an audience eager to hear from you.

6. Create partnerships and relationships with other Summit Speakers.

7. No need to travel, speak from home at a time that works best for you.

8. Reach a far larger audience than via a traditional conference.

9. Create massive value for many people.

10. Fun, and no stress. Do all this in comfort.

And all this by continuing to do what you do best: talk about your work and what ignites you!

How much of your time will you need to invest in this Summit?

To make a successful appearance as a Speaker in the Summit, you will need to invest time in three areas:

1. Preparation

2. Presentation

3. Communication

Most of your time will go into preparation. You should budget up to 8 hours for this.

In addition, you will need around 1.5 hours for the presentation, and up to 4 hours for communication.

These hours are indicative. 

The bulk of you time investment will be in preparation. This is where you will work ahead of time to produce the materials for your presentation, and prepare for the recording.

It is important to be be very efficient in doing this.

Your presentation should be on a topic that you already know extremely well, and that requires only a minimum of original research (if any at all). The bulk of your preparation time should go into sorting and organising your existing knowledge. 

Think of the Summit an opportunity for you to introduce the audience to your topic. To achieve this, focus on the minimum set of points in order to not overwhelm your audience. Leave details for the QA, should relevant questions arise.

Your presentation time includes a 30-minute preparation Zoom call with Peter, and a 60-minute actual presentation Zoom call that will be recorded.

Finally, the communications time includes time spent communicating with the Summit team, and with your audience after the Summit is completed. 

How can you provide a lot of value to the participants?

The Summit gives you the opportunity to provide a lot of value to the participants during and after it has finished.

There are four ways to do this:

  1. 1
    Your presentation contains highly valuable and actionable content. You will teach something new and useful, and that is valuable on its own right.
  2. 2
    You can provide free bonus content in the form of PDF documents, video recordings, or cheatsheets, to name a few possibilities. These bonuses are free for the attendee to get during the Summit and use after the Summit. This way, the value you provide to the attendee is enduring and you remain to be connected with them.
  3. 3
    You can provide special offers to paid products, like online courses, books and ebooks, consultation sessions and more. With these special offers, you can raise revenue directly as a result of your participation to the Summit. 
  4. 4
    For attendees that have purchased a Full-Access Pass, your can provide special bonuses and offers that are not available to anyone else. This is a way to provide value to those attendees that are prepared to pay. These attendees are typically working on a particularly hard or pressing problem, and need more specialised advise and assistance. They need your help! This is also a way for you to raise additional revenue.

Can you sell Full-Access Passes to your audience?

Yes, and that is an excellent way to raise additional revenue as a Speaker.

You can be an affiliate reseller of the Summit Full-Access Pass.

A Full-Access Pass entitles attendees to access the full content of the Summit and the Summit ends.

For Full-Access Pass holders, you can provide free bonuses and special offers only to attendees that have purchased the Full-Access Pass, knowing that they are qualified customers and therefore open to investing money for high-quality educational content.

What will you talk about?

We invite Speaker based on their specific expertise and track record as a creator of "things" and content in the Maker community.

You should already have received an email invitation from Peter. This email should contain at least one topic idea that has a strong connection to the topics that the Summit attendees will be interested in.

This idea is just the starting point of a discussion with Peter to narrow down and finalize the exact topic of your presentation.

In general, your presentation topic can be drawn from one of those (this is not an exhaustive list):

  1. 1
    A book you have written on topics such as programming, electronics, woodworking, Maker education, software applications for Makers, and Internet of Things.
  2. 2
    A project that you are particularly proud about.
  3. 3
    An experience that you had, such as participating at a major Maker Faire as an exhibitor or presenter.
  4. 4
    Your role as an engineer in an organisation that creates tools (software or hardware) for Makers.
  5. 5
    Your role as a Maker Club organizer or mentor, and your experiences around organising a community for Makers.
  6. 6
    Your experiences as a founder of a company that commercialises something that you created.
  7. 7
    A presentation that you gave in a Maker-related event, such as a Maker Faire or Science Faire.

Any of the above is a good starting point for a presentation topic. Start with a tentative definition of your topic, and discuss the details with Peter before you commit (via Zoom or email). 

What kind of equipment will you need?

This Summit is an online event, so you will need the equipment that you normally use to conduct an online conference call:

  1. 1
    A computer with decent Internet connection.
  2. 2
    A microphone headset (such as the Logitech H390 USB Computer Headset).
  3. 3
    Presentation software like Google Slides, Powerpoint or Keynote.
  4. 4
    Optional: a USB Web cam to record your face during the presentation, which is a very good way to help the audience recognise you among the other Speakers.
  5. 5
    Optional: A video camera to record your hands-on demonstration (if your demonstration is computer-based, this camera is not needed).

We will provide the video and audio recording software. 

We will use Zoom to record your presentation. You will need to install the free Zoom client on your computer. 

What is the presentation objective?

The primary objective of your presentation is be to teach a specific new skill. 

The secondary objective of your presentation is to ignite a strong interest (an itch?) in the audience to want to learn more about it.

As an educator, you want your students to leave your presentation feeling that they have learned something important.

But learning is a process that never ends, so you want to emphasise to your audience that there is plenty more to be learned, and to show them the way to do so. This can be done by recommending your work (see below for information on how to promote your own products and services) or to the work of other people that you believe will be of benefit to the audience.

What is the presentation style?

To keep things simple, your presentation will consist of two parts. 

Part One: The teaching and demonstration part.

Part Two: The Questions and Answers component.

Part One will last for no more than 45 minutes. In this time, you will provide background knowledge that will lead to a demonstration.

For example, if your topic is the design of a 3D printable enclosure, start by explaining the limitations and restrictions of designs that can be 3D printed with a regular desktop printer, then explain how to use the design tool and perform the necessary operations, and then continue with the demonstration. In the demonstration, you will show how to design exactly that: an enclosure (box) that can be produced successful by a modern desktop 3D printer.

In Part Two, Peter will play the role of the audience and ask clarification and extension questions. Remember that the Summit talks will be pre-recorded. At the time I am writing this, there is no way for the audience to interact with the Speaker during the presentation.

After the Summit, members of the audience that have purchased the Full Access pass will be able to ask questions using the presentation discussion tool.

Can you promote your products or services to the Summit attendees?


One of the reasons you want to be a speaker in this event, is exactly this: to promote yourself as a leader, increase your influence and personal image, and to promote your products and services to the members of our audience that will receive a significant benefit from. 

During your presentation, you can mention your products or services that tie well with the topic of your presentation. You may want to say, for example, that you cover a particular topic in more detail in a course, book, blog post, web site, etc. and invite the attendees to find more about it by visiting a web page. 

Be careful to not over-use this option though, as you do not want to give the impression that you are interested in selling more than you are interested in teaching. Be clear that your presentation is full of value without any extras. But ensure that attendees know where they can find more training if they wish to do so.

How can you promote this summit to you audience?

Participating in an event like the Tech Explorations Summit is a significant investment in your time.

You to maximise the reach that you can achieve through your work.

One simple way to do this is to let your own audience know that you will be a Speaker at the Summit so that they can grasp the opportunity to benefit from your work.

All Summit speakers are content experts but also significant influencers in their space. This summit is a way to bring their combined audiences together and expand their individual reach many times.

Reach out to your audience via email, social media, and by setting up a special event page on your own website.

How to do this is simple: 

  1. 1
    Start by setting up the event page on your website a few months prior to the Summit launch date, and link it to the summit landing page.
  2. 2
    A couple of weeks prior to the Summit start date, make at least two posts on your social media with information about the event.
  3. 3
    Don't forget to make a special announcement to your email list. 

As a Speaker, you will receive a promotional pack that contains pre-written emails, social media posts, and graphics that you can simply copy and use to promote the Summit to your audience.

Will you have full access to the Summit content after the end of the event?


Full access is a paid product, however as a Speaker, you will have full access to all content after the event.

This includes access to all special bonuses and offers that other Speakers make.

This is one of the benefits for being awesome :-)


1: Your speaker profile

All Summit Speakers will have a public Speaker profile in the Speakers page.

Your profile is extremely important: it contains the information about you that attendees will use to decide if they want to attend your presentation.

Please take care to complete this form so that it reflect a high-quality image of you and your work. If you need to make any changes after you submit it, just send us an email (support (at), with subject line "Speaker info change request").

Tech Explorations Summit Speaker Profile Form

Core Speaker information

This is the basic Summit Speaker information.

We will use this information to setup your Speaker profile in the Speakers page, and it will be accessible to the public.
What would you like before your name?
Please use the same email address for all your communications related to the Summit.
For example: Software Developer, Designer, Electrical Engineer, Educator, etc.
Tell us a few things about you. Around 300 words should be enough. Focus on things like qualifications, projects, and work you have done that is relevant to your role as a Summit Speaker.
Suggested size is 300x300 pixels.

Suggested format is Jpeg.

We will use this photo in your Speaker profile page.

Maximum file size is 5MB.

Social Media

Would you like to include your social media links to your Speaker profile in the public Speakers page?

Please add them here.

2: Your presentation topic and video

What will you talk about? Please provide a title and description of your presentation.

If you have a video you would like to include, please provide a URL that we can use to download it and process it ahead of the Summit. This video can be used in support of your presentation. In most cases, we will record your presentation during a Zoom video conferencing session.

If you need to make any changes to your presentation title and description after you submit it, just send us an email (support (at), with subject line "Speaker presentation details change request"). 

Tech Explorations Summit Speaker Presentation Topic and Video

Please use the same email address for all your communications related to the Summit.
Please make this video downloadable. If you do not have a video at the moment, please leave this field blank.

In most cases, we will help you create your presentation video via a Zoom video call.
Please provide as many details as you can about the topic of your presentation.

Specifically address:

* What is this presentation about?
* Who should be interested and why?
* What technology, tool or technique will you focus on?
* Is this a practical presentation?

3: Your free bonuses

A free bonus is a small but useful gift that you can give out to the Summit attendees. It can be as simple as a free PDF document with a pin-out schematic, a circuit schematic diagram, or a list of web resources. It can also be something larger, like 2 or 3 select chapters from a book, or a coupon that can be used to get free access to one of your courses. This is totally up to you.

Ensure that the bonus contains your contact details.

The purpose of the free bonus(es) is to provide enduring value to the Summit attendee, and to keep you in their thoughts. 

If you have more than one bonus, please submit this form one time per bonus.

Tech Explorations Summit Speaker Free Bonus

Please use the same email address for all your communications related to the Summit
For example "Two free chapters from my book 'How to use Siri to control a fan'".
For example, this free bonus may be from you, in which case type in your name. If you prefer it to be from your company, type in your company name.

It may also be from your employer, or other source.
Provide an indicative monetary value of this bonus. Even if it is a single page PDF, if the bonus provides value to the attendee, then it is worth something, so be sure to use a Dollar amount to signal this value.
Please provide as many details as you can about this bonus.

Specifically address:

* What is this bonus (PDF, free course access, a call with you, something else)?
* Why should the attendee want your bonus?
We'll include this image as a visual representation of your bonus. For example, if your bonus is a free PDF, this image can be the cover page of the PDF.

Suggested size is 500x500 pixels, and jpeg.

Maximum size is 2 MB.
Please provide a URL from where the attendee can download your bonus. We will include this URL in your presentation page so that attendees can get their bonus directly.

If you prefer, we can host your bonus on our server (please let us know via email to support (at)
Is there anything else we can help with in relation to this form or your presentation bonuses? Please let us know. Your message here will be held in private.

4: Your special offers

A special offer is a discount or other incentive to an existing product. Unlike the free bonus, a special offer require a purchase. The product that you are promoting through this offer must contain sufficient value in it to justify the asking price. 

An attendee must want to buy this product even without the discount or other incentive (your special offer). Your offer, however, makes them willing to act now and secure it.

Use this special offer option to promote products like online courses, books and ebooks, consultation sessions, hardware or software products.

If you have more than one special offer, please submit this form one time per special offer.

Tech Explorations Summit Speaker Special Offer

Please use the same email address for all your communications related to the Summit
For example "20% off my super course" or "Get my Amazon Alexa secrets book special edition".
For example, this special offer may be from you, in which case type in your name. If you prefer it to be from your company, type in your company name.

It may also be from your employer, or other source.
Provide the full price of this product. If this is a product that is already available in the market, please type in its actual price.
Please provide as many details as you can about this special offer.

Specifically address:

* What is this special offer (PDF book, course, consultancy call, etc)?
* Why should the attendee accept your special offer?
* Why should they act on the offer now (add urgency)?
We'll include this image as a visual representation of your special offer. For example, if your bonus is a book, this image can be the cover page.

Suggested size is 500x500 pixels, and jpeg.

Maximum size is 2 MB.
Please provide a URL from where the attendee can access your special offer. We will include this URL in your presentation page so that attendees can get their special offer directly.

If you prefer, we can host your special offer on our server (please let us know via the text field below).
Is there anything else we can help with in relation to this form or your presentation bonuses? Please let us know. Your message here will be held in private.

5: Speaker Release Form (must complete and submit by deadline)

We cannot publish your presentation video without your explicit granting of copyright for the video to Tech Explorations. 

Please use the Speaker Release Form below for this purpose.

Tech Explorations Summit Speaker Release Form

As part of this Summit, we will record your presentation session(s) and produce an e-learning website that will include the audio & video recordings accompanied by the presentations and handouts for each of the sessions.

I hereby authorise Futureshock Enterprises Pty Ltd to print, record, duplicate and offer for sale Summit proceedings, and/or my video, my speech/presentation and any portion of my participation in the Tech Explorations Summit, .

I hereby waive any and all rights and claims resulting from the recording, duplicating and sales of audio/videotapes.

I hereby affirm that none of the material presented in my presentation infringes anyone else’s copyright or right of privacy, and further, I will not libel or slander any other person, facility, product, company or service during my speech/presentation.

If such affirmation is breached, I will indemnify and hold harmless Futureshock Enterprises Pty Ltd and its employees, officers, and directors.

6: Your presentation scheduling

We will schedule your presentation at the latest two weeks before the start of the Summit. 

Presentations that fall under the same broad category will be scheduled in the same session in order to provide coherence and continuity, and allow attendees to follow the Summit based on their interests.

We will inform you of the scheduling arrangements for your presentation as soon as the schedule draft is ready.

7: During your talk

During your talk, it would be ideal (but not absolutely necessary) for you to be available so that you can interact "live" with the attendees. 

A text-based instant messaging tool will be available to allow attendees to interact with the Host (Peter) and you, the Speaker. They can use this tool to ask questions, or simply to say "hi". 

Being available for the approximately 60 minutes of the session will make a big difference in how your presentation is perceived by the audience, and will add value to your work. 

However, we understand that time difference issues, technical issues, or life in general may prevent you from being available during the presentation. In this case, we will collect attendee questions and forward them to you. We will then allow you a couple of days to address them, and we'll publish your responses (with the original questions) in the after-event presentation page.

8: After your presentation

After your presentation, we will update your presentation page with the attendee questions and answers text. This will stay published as a public record of your presentation.

The video itself will only be available to attendees that have purchased a Full-Access Pass. 

In your public presentation page, we will include the first 4-5 minutes of your presentation.

If you have given out free Bonuses or Special offers, you should be ready to fulfil them on your web site (unless Tech Explorations is hosting your Bonuses or Special Offers).

Be also ready to receive emails, Tweets, or other communication from attendees, depending on how you choose to handle this.

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