Zoolark, a pocket-sized bench multi-tool 

 February 28, 2022

By  Peter

Zoolark is a tiny multi-tool for learners and makers that contains an oscilloscope, signal generator (triangular, square sinusoidal and PWM), DC bias, and spectrum analyzer. While it won’t replace your bench-top instruments, it can definitely be your second electronics analysis tool (after your pocket multimeter). It is easy to use (just three buttons and a toggle control!), cheap to buy, and sports an excellent array of features, all of them useful.

I purchased my Zoolark a few months ago during it’s Kickstarter campaign. After leaving it on my desk for a few months while I was busy with KiCad Like a Pro, I finally got to it. I spent the last couple of days playing with it.


Zoolark is made by EIM Technology, who also make the FPGA development board that I used to learn the basics of FPGA (learn more about this in a separate blog post).

In this post, I share a comprehensive video where I show you what you can do with Zoolark.

Watch the video to learn how to use Zoolark.

Here’s what I cover (with timestamp if you want to jump ahead):

  • 00:56 What is Zoolark?
  • 01:54 Features.
  • 02:31 User interface, part 1.
  • 03:31 Specifications.
  • 04:10 OpenScope web-based oscilloscope software.
  • 08:24 User interface and pins.
  • 09:53 Oscilloscope.
  • 11:03 Spectrum analyzer.
  • 14:13 PWM.
  • 16:43 DC bias.
  • 19:10 Zoolark against my bench-top oscilloscope.
  • 21:51 Signal generator.
  • 25:38 DC bias part two, show how to control decimals.
  • 27:43 Conclusion.


Review, Zoolark

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