KiCad Like a Pro 4th edition eBook + offer 

 May 30, 2024

By  Peter

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I recently completed work on the latest edition of KiCad Like a Pro (if these things are ever complete).

If you are interested in this book but haven’t taken advantage of my 20% discount offer yet, now is the time to act.

This offer ends on Monday.

Here’s some information about this eBook and offer:

In this latest edition of the book, I have made the following changes and additions:

  • The book is now split into two volumes: Volume 1 and Volume 2. This makes it easier for you to read and for me to manage.
  • I updated and tested all projects to ensure they work with KiCad 8.
  • I replaced all images and screenshots to feature the KiCad 8 user interface.
  • I added a new project in Volume Two: Tiny Solar Power Supply from Elektor.
  • I updated all Recipes to ensure they work with KiCad 8.
  • I added new Recipes to cover important new KiCad 8 features, including the circuit simulator and the Python scripting API.
  • I also fixed all the bugs (typos and grammar) in the third edition.

The fourth edition of this book is the most substantial update of KiCad Like a Pro since the second edition. I am working on an update of the video course to cover KiCad 8. If you choose to purchase the video course along with the eBook in a bundle, you will receive the updated version at no additional cost when I publish it.

I encourage you to look at the details of KiCad Like Pro 4th Edition eBook on the product page.

For the occasion of this new edition of the book, I am pleased to offer you a 20% discount coupon for the 4th edition.

Use coupon XNSSN9TT.

Please copy this coupon in the “discount” field at checkout (see the example below).

I hope you will enjoy the book and the article!



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