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 December 31, 2022

By  Peter

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Happy New Year!

The turn of a year is an opportunity to reflect (look back) and plan (look forward).

2022 was another challenging year in many respects, and 2023 will be no less challenging.

However, the common ground I appreciate in the diverse and worldwide Maker community is our focus on learning, sharing, and helping each other and our belief that life can be better through the intelligent application of technology.

On a personal note, work and play are often intertwined. I love to tinker with technology, learn by doing, document and publish my work, and interact with you on the Makers Club or the Blog comments.

I feel privileged to be a member of this community and to be able to merge work with play for all these years (since 2013!!!).

Thank you to each of you for your support and for allowing me to join you in your technology exploration adventures!

Latest course updates

In 2022, we updated many of our courses. Last week we published updates to “Arduino IoT Cloud – Getting Started” and “Oscilloscopes for Beginners“. In early December, we also published an update to “Node-RED and ESP32 Project“.

Earlier in 2022, we updated Arduino Step by Step Getting Started, Kicad Like a Pro 3e, Raspberry Pi Full Stack, ESP32 for Busy People, MicroPython with the ESP32, and Raspberry Pi Bench Computer.

We also published a sequel to Raspberry Pi Full Stack: Raspberry Pi Full Stack Upgrade Project.

2022 was a busy year, as usual.

New year offer: courses and hardware

Yes, we have a new year offer!

This offer covers our entire catalogue, Solo and Community enrolment tiers, and monthly/yearly subscription options.

With a subscription, you get all of our courses instantly, as well as new courses when they become available for as long as you remain subscribed. A yearly subscription gives you a price advantage compared to a monthly subscription. And with the 25% discount (see coupon below), this price is even lower.

Here’s the coupon:


You can use this coupon at checkout, as often as you like, until January 15 and get a 25% discount on the individual course price or subscription.

You can browse the Tech Explorations course catalogue here.

Hardware offer from Sunfounder and EIM Technology

Sunfounder and EIM Technology are participating in our New Year offer by offering discounts on some of their kits and products.


You can purchase Sunfounder kits at a 20% discount. The discounted kits are:

To claim your 20% off on the hardware, please use coupon X2Z2ZN0WS88Y at the checkout.

EIM Technology

From EIM Technology, you can purchase Zoolark and STEP FPGA (and more) at a 10% discount with the coupon code “Tech_Explorations“. Go to their store for their catalogue, and remember to copy the coupon code in the coupon field at checkout.

I appreciate your support, and, as always, happy learning!


Me, a long time ago, with more hair.


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