Adding copper fills

In this chapter we will add the copper fills for the ground (in the back layer) and Vcc (in the front layer).

Start with selecting the F.Cu layer and the Filled Zones tool.


Select F.Cu and the Filled Zones tool

Configure the front copper fill so that it is connected to VCC:


The front copper fill will be connected to the VCC net.

Draw the fill rectangle close to the edge of the board:


The copper fill for the front layer, connected to VCC.

Click again at the top right corner of the board (inside the yellow edge cuts line!) to start setting up the back copper fill. Choose the B.Cu layer, and connect it to the GND net:


Configure the back copper fill.

Set the boundary for the back copper fill:


The back and front copper fills defined (detail).

Both copper fills are now defined. Let’s fill them with copper. Right-click anywhere inside the fill zones and select “Fill or Refill All Zones”:


Fill the zones with copper.

The PCB will look like this once the zones are filled:


The copper zones are now filled.

Let’s also have a look of the board in 3D:


The front of the PCB, in 3D.


The back of the PCB, in 3D.

Notice the different shade of green that marks areas that are filled with copper and those that are not.

The electrical work on the board is now complete. In the next chapter we will finish the board by adding text labels and a decorative graphic.

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