Export the Gerber files

We can now go ahead and export the Gerber files. Click on the plotter button:


Click on the Plotter button to bring up the Plotter window. Choose the required layers, set the export directory and Gerber options, and click on Plot. Then click on Generate Drill File.


The default settings in the Drill Files Generation window are fine. Click on the Drill File button.

Close the two Gerber generation windows.

Use your file system browser to find the directory that contains your Gerber files, and create a ZIP archive:


Create a ZIP archive from the directory that contains the Gerber files.

Use your web browser to go to gerblook.org so that we can test our Gerber archive. Upload the ZIP file to Gerblook, and if everything goes well, the different layers will be rendered in the browser:


Gerblook renders the layers in the Gerber archive, so it is a valid archive!

Once Gerblook confirms that we have a valid Gerber archive, we can go ahead with the order. In the case of OSH Park, I uploaded the ZIP archive to my account, and ordered my boards:


Ordering my boards from OSH Park!

A few weeks later, I received the PCBs in the mail!

This project is now complete, so what’s next? Please read the conclusion for a few ideas.

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