Stemiverse 0060 – Daniel Casner discusses Robotics and Makerspaces 

 October 8, 2019

By  Lina Alexaki

In this episode, Dr. Peter Dalmaris talks with Daniel Casner.

Daniel is a robotics systems engineer with an eclectic background, including a BA in Physics and MS in Computer and Systems Engineering.

Over the years, Daniel has spent time building undersea autonomous vehicles, Internet-connected industrial equipment, and aerospace systems.

Of all his projects, the most challenging and rewarding has been creating mass production home robots.

He is presently Senior Hardware Engineer at Anki, a robotics and AI company in San Francisco.

Daniel Casner, multidisciplinary systems architect, and Dr. Peter Dalmaris, author of Maker Education Revolution

In 2012, Daniel co-founded Robot Garden, a community based, volunteer-run Makerspace and the world’s first robotics focused Makerspace. He is currently doing volunteer STEAM education through 4-H with a constructivist education style.

This is Stemiverse Podcast episode 60.

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